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10 Super Bowl Memes 2022 That Will Make You Laugh!

ByJohn Amelia

Sep 7, 2022
10 Super Bowl Memes 2022 That Will Make You Laugh!

In case you missed it last year, the Super Bowl in 2021 is going to be very different from any other year. Football fans are taking to Twitter to share their thoughts, and the Super Bowl 2021 memes took over the internet on Sunday. They are likely to stay on Twitter for weeks to come. Here are 10 super bowl memes that are sure to make you laugh. And if you’re looking for more hilarious Super Bowl memes, you’ve come to the right place.

Tom Brady:

In a world where memes are everything, it’s only fitting that we pay tribute to one of the greatest players of the last decade. Tom Brady’s retirement announcement came on Tuesday, the day after the Super Bowl 50. For those who aren’t aware, the New England Patriots quarterback started playing in the NFL in the year 2000. That year was marked by many notable events, including Bush v. Gore, Jennifer Aniston’s marriage to Brad Pitt, and the Oscar award for Gladiator. With all these events in the background, the Patriots quarterback has remained a constant in the cultural conversation for decades. With nine Super Bowl titles to his name, the New England Patriots quarterback has won a lot of fans and inspired countless meme makers.

Rob Gronkowski:

Rob Gronkowski is a future Hall of Fame tight end. He is also a first-ballot Hall of Fun tight end. He is so talented and charismatic that he can make a nation laugh and smile during a pandemic. Gronkowski’s post-NFL career is just getting started. He is known for his giant hands, road-grader run blocking, and monster touchdown spikes.

The Weekend:

The Weekend’s performance at the Super Bowl 2021 halftime show evoked a range of memories for social media users. After announcing that he’d use the entire field for his performance, he looked as if he’d got lost. However, his appearance was merely a clever ploy. The singer’s appearance triggered memes about his past life, including his fumbling with technology, office politics, and his pre-pandemic lifestyle.

Tom Brady’s record tenth (!) Super Bowl appearance:

After two decades of playing in the NFL, Tom Brady is making a run at the Super Bowl for a record tenth time. His win over the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl LII was the second-most points scored in a Super Bowl, and he broke the tie with John Elway for the most career Super Bowl appearances. Brady will join John Elway in the Hall of Fame in a few decades.

Tom Brady’s halftime performance:

The Super Bowl halftime show is one of the most anticipated events in NFL football. In the past decade, the halftime show has exploded into a musical festival rivaling the game. In the Super Bowl 2021 halftime show, the Canadian Music Group and The Weekend performed. Tom Brady was the winner of the game, which gave him a seventh Super Bowl ring. Roc Nation, who sponsored the halftime show, will host the concert.

The Weekend’s halftime performance turned into a meme:

The Weekend’s halftime performance at Super Bowl 2021 turned into a meme after the singer performed his hit single “Boyfriend” with hundreds of bandaged men on stage. The performance was aimed to be a triumphant return for the Canadian singer after being snubbed by the Grammys. The performance quickly became a hit on Twitter, and has since become a meme.

Tom Brady’s future:

The latest reports have suggested that Tom Brady may not play in the super bowl this year. The former New England Patriots quarterback recently said in an interview with the Let’s Go! podcast that he’s “done playing football.” That’s a bold statement coming from someone who’s played in seven Super Bowls. Moreover, he’s already burgeoning in the media, apparel, and cryptocurrency worlds. In fact, his production company just aired a 10-part documentary series about his Super Bowl seasons.

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