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Acer Computers Hit By Ransomware Attack!

ByJohn Amelia

Nov 27, 2022
Acer Computers Hit By Ransomware Attack!

Acer’s customers have no need to panic over another ransomware attack: REvil is behind the $6 million travelex data breach, which was made public last year. The ransomware group has threatened to leak stolen data online if the company doesn’t pay up on March 28, and they’re offering a 20 percent discount for payment on Wednesday. Read on for details. How can you protect yourself from the latest attack on Acer computers?

Ransomware attack on Acer:

Another tech giant has been the target of a ransomware attack, this time on Acer. A group calling itself REvil has released an extortion virus targeting Acer, demanding the payment of $50 million in Monero cryptocurrency. If the ransom is not paid, they threaten to release sensitive data online. Although Acer hasn’t confirmed the attack, it is safe to assume that the group is responsible.

Ransomware gang’s new tactic:

This week, researchers revealed the new tactics used by the ransomware gang, REvil. The group claimed to have compromised the build server for Acer. They also infiltrated IT solutions provider Kaseya. The ransom demand for the company was $70 million in Bitcoin, the highest amount ever demanded by a ransomware group. Kaseya decided not to pay, and instead cooperated with US authorities, which led to the takedown of the gang.

Victims of attack:

Acer is the latest victim of a ransomware attack, the so-called REvil. The infamous malware, which has a ransom demand of $50 million, is being spread by affiliated cybercriminals. The attackers use spear phishing emails to obtain the personal information of victims, including their social security numbers. The developers of REvil are thought to be located in Russia. They can use the information to hijack computers and make extortion payments.

Targets of attack:

Acer has become the latest victim of a ransomware attack. The REvil ransomware group has posted pilfered files on its dark web leak site and demanded $50 million as payment. While negotiations with the Taiwan-based company broke down due to the company’s financial data being leaked, Computer Weekly and sister sites have learned that the attack is ongoing and that Acer is one of the companies targeted by the group.

Timeline for payment:

When you’re wondering how much money you’re owed for your stolen Acer Therecord, the timeline for payment for REvil Acer Therecord is as important as the amount of data it’s holding. A year ago, REvil was responsible for a $6 million ransomware attack on Travelex. This attack was disclosed on a dark web portal, and REvil gave Acer until March 28th to pay up or risk leaking the stolen data. On Wednesday, the group offered a 20 percent discount on payment if they paid by that date.

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