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Alternatives to CoinArchives!

ByJohn Amelia

Sep 30, 2022
Alternatives to CoinArchives!

CoinArchives has its advantages, but it also has some disadvantages. It’s not easy to navigate, and the search engine isn’t particularly clear. Fortunately, there are alternative acsearch tools that can help you out. A few of them are acsearch, NumisMaster, Numismedia, and MA-Shop.


If you’re searching for ancient coins, you can look through the results on CoinArchives. This website features more than 661,000 ancient coins. However, you should be aware that it is not possible to search through all of them. The database also includes results for still-open auctions. Thankfully, the search feature on CoinArchives is easy to use. You can quickly find the results that are similar to your search term. Moreover, you can click on any of these results and enlarge them.

The database is visually appealing, and the user can narrow down results by era, price, and condition. Many of the items are accompanied by an historical background. Depending on their size, users can also see pictures. The database contains about 60,000 specimens for Roman coins. Similarly, it contains more than 25,000 specimens for French coins.


NumisMaster is a new online pricing service and collection management system that provides detailed information on coins. The subscription-based service gives users access to coin and paper money values and their historical background. Users can refine their search results by condition, face value, and price. Each item includes a description of its historical context and various images. The database has more than 40,000 items from different eras.

This site works differently than other coin collecting websites. It features digital versions of the Krause catalogs, which are well known to collectors. It also contains a great deal of information on individual coins, including their conditions. Visitors can browse the site with an open-access pass to view basic coin information, but the full breadth of Krause’s knowledge is only accessible after subscribing.

CoinArchives images vary in quality. Some are high-resolution, while others are small thumbnails. It does not have standards regarding how many coins are featured in its database, and it depends on each auction house. It also allows users to file individual coins. Moreover, the database also includes more than a million records of ancient and medieval coins.

NumisMaster’s online coin archive is a helpful tool for collectors, but it’s not the only site. It has an orientation guide that can help users learn more about coin collecting as an investment. It offers a variety of other tools that are helpful in the coin collecting process.


Numismedia CoinArchives is a comprehensive database of coins from various eras and places. The database includes text descriptions, images, and prices. It is available as a free online service, as well as a subscription service for academic and commercial researchers. Users can search through the database by region and era, price range, and face value. Each item is accompanied by a brief history and image, which varies in size.

Numismedia also has a price guide, which is a helpful tool when looking for a coin’s value. One click opens a small window that explains the different grades and abbreviations used in coin values in the United States. The website is co-sponsored by NGC, but the prices it states are based on Fair Market Value (FMV) rather than NGC graded coins.

The database includes information on coin prices from auction sales and dealers. It also provides price trends. The price trend is highlighted by colored arrows. Numismedia CoinArchives is a popular database among coin collectors. Users can access data from more than two million coins. By utilizing the site, coin collectors can research the value of their collection and make informed decisions.

Numismedia CoinArchives also contains a search feature and a catalog of ancient coins. It also has information on modern coins. And, if you want to buy ancient coins, you can search through more than six hundred thousand records. In addition, the site has an image search function.

The NumisMaster site from Krause is slightly different from the other sites. It contains digital versions of Krause’s catalogs. The site also features a large number of coins in reasonable sizes, as well as details on their condition. A free open-access visit will give you basic information about coins, but full access will unlock Krause’s expertise.


CoinArchives is a database of coins featured in numismatic auctions. It brings together the text, images, and prices of individual coins into one searchable resource. This database is available as a free public service or as a subscription service for academic and commercial researchers. If you are interested in learning more about numismatics or obtaining a subscription for your research, CoinArchives is a great place to start.

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