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Artesian Builds is Closing Down

ByJohn Amelia

Jun 27, 2022
Artesian Builds is Closing Down

Artesian Builds, a company that manufactures crypto mining software, is shutting down. We investigate the company’s internal imbalances and the problems it’s having with its relationship with Twitch streamers. We also take a look at the cryptocurrency mining software itself and the potential impact on the market. If you want to join the ranks of streamers with the latest hardware, read on. The end of Artesian builds is near, but you can still get your hands on one of the best PCs on the market today.

Artesian Builds shutting down permanently

An online custom PC maker has announced its permanent closure following an incident involving a female Twitch streamer. Apparently, the company refused to provide free gifts to the streamer after a recent dispute. The female streamer’s complaint went viral, resulting in over 8000 retweets, and the CEO of the company has publicly expressed his displeasure with the outcome. After the entire controversy broke out, the company decided to stop operating and lay off 50 people across North Carolina and California. While this may have been an isolated incident, Artesian Builds’ insolvency could have been a long-term issue that impacted the company.

The company’s sudden shutdown follows a spectacular rise. Over the last two years, Artesian’s custom gaming PCs have seen explosive growth. With partnerships with high-profile video game players such as MrBeast and NickMercs, Artesian has become one of the most popular custom PC manufacturers. But, despite the showy frontman, the company’s success has been a cause for concern.

Company’s internal imbalances

The lack of high-end graphics cards has caused Artesian to suffer from internal imbalances in its builds. The shortage of high-end graphics cards caused Artesian to debate ordering 250 GPUs from the secondary market, but Katz nixed the idea. Consequently, Artesian employees began reclaiming their money, which is not a good thing. Katz appears to double down on his criticism of smaller creators.

Regardless of the cause, employees are now claiming that Katz’s reckless leadership has contributed to the collapse of the company. The snowball effect of the viral video has caused Artesian to barely hold together. With no clear plan for the future, Katz has been accused of jerking streamers for profit. The slew of employees has sparked a plethora of internal imbalances and a lack of transparency.

Its relationship with Twitch streamers

The company’s history with Twitch streamers has been riddled with drama, including an overly cocky CEO, broken promises, and an upstart Twitch star. While the company has been able to sell its gaming computer builds to a wide range of audiences, many Twitch streamers feel left out and unappreciated. In response, Artesian has taken steps to improve its relationship with Twitch streamers.

In the past few months, Artesian Builds has become a lightning rod for controversy on Twitch. A small Twitch streamer, Kiapiaa, was denied a prize by the company’s CEO, and the reaction was swift and intense. The situation sparked a massive backlash on social media. Artesian’s relationship with Twitch streamers is far from unique.

After the controversy erupted, Artesian Builds cut ties with several of its most popular players. One True King and KristoferYee both blasted Artesian for the onstream incident. A major brand, One True King, also cut ties with the company, and a small-scale esports team, NICKMERCS, also made a public rebuke.

It’s crypto mining software

The recent collapse of Artesian Builds is causing quite a stir in the cryptocurrency mining world. The founder, Aaron Katz, is accused of illegal tax evasion. This story is far from over, however, as some employees of the company have spoken to Inverse about their firing and furloughing. Katz appears to double down on his argument against smaller creators and crypto mining companies. But what is the real story here?

The sudden fall of Artesian follows an astonishing rise. The company’s custom gaming PCs have become wildly popular in the past two years. Partnered with eSports star MrBeast and FaZe Clan co-owner NickMercs, the company’s popularity has skyrocketed. However, that success was only possible after the company layered a showy frontman on top of a shaky foundation.

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