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Borderlands Pre-Sequel First Boss Secrets

ByJohn Amelia

Apr 11, 2022
Borderlands Pre-Sequel First Boss Secrets

What Is The First Boss In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel?

As one of the most challenging first bosses in the Borderlands franchise, you’ll be thrilled to learn how to beat Terramorphous, Handsome Jack, and Troy Calypso. While each of these characters has its own distinct elemental flavor, the following three are the most challenging to conquer. Read on to learn the secrets of each! After all, these three characters will be the first to test your mettle against the game’s most powerful enemies.

Who Are The Bosses In Borderlands Pre-Sequel?

If you’ve played the original Borderlands, you probably know that the game’s first boss is Terramorphous. This huge, gruesome monster emerges from a rock and roars, knocking targets high into the air. Even though it’s designed to be a raid boss, it is still quite easy to defeat with the right equipment and skills. The best weapon to use in order to defeat him is a shotgun with The Bee shield. It adds 40k-50k to the damage you deal per bullet. It’s also a good idea to equip a cheap shotgun, like a Conference Call shotgun.

The game also features several raid bosses. The first is Terramorphous the Invincible, which was designed after the Crawmerax, but with much more difficulty. This boss also has a number of design elements from the original. The player must have eight Eridium to reach the boss’s peak. It’s the first boss to make a player die, so you should make sure you have a team of four to help you out.

You can find Terramorphous in the first zone, Terramorphous Peak. It is a Thresher, and it can take elemental damage, but he normally does not. Despite this, you can also deal with many big bullets to him, and this will help you land a headshot on moving enemies. Because of his bulk, he’ll try to duck out of your way, so make sure to use the speed of the Pitchfork to avoid getting hit by his attacks.

How Do You Beat The First Boss In Borderlands?

The Pre-Sequel is available for download on NVIDIA Tegra X1 powered platforms and focuses on the character Handsome Jack. Handsome Jack is the deuteragonist of Borderlands 2, and leads a team of four playable characters in a quest to reclaim Helios and destroy the Lost Legion. Handsome Jack is voiced by Dameon Clarke, and has an intimidating appearance, and is a difficult first boss to defeat.

The first encounter with Handsome Jack occurs in Borderlands 2. In the sequel, the player must defeat Handsome – a character that can only be controlled by a player with a high level of combat and skill. Jack is a troll-like character with a powerful claw. While his appearance may appear to be rather bland, the game’s quest to acquire loot is its core component.

While playing as Handsome Jack, players will discover that he has some personality traits that distinguish him from other villains in the game. He’s a self-aware AI produced by Nakayama, and initially appears as a hologram. Handsome Jack shows no signs of death, and Rhys initially thinks that he’s a hologram. He eventually reveals his self-awareness, however, and tells the player to bring him back to Helios so that he can control Hyperion.

Who Is The Hardest Boss In Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel?

As the first boss of the pre-sequel, Troy Calypso is a particularly interesting adversary. His powers come from his twin sister, Tyreen, who becomes his siren. In the series, the romance between major characters is common; Jenny Springs and Athena got married, and Krieg fell in love with Maya. Troy and Aurelia briefly shared a relationship, and it is hinted in the ECHO log.

While the Borderlands franchise has no shortage of moments where it breaks the fourth wall, none has quite the impact as Troy Calypso. The name of the character, like the rest of the game’s characters, is an homage to Greek mythology. In Greek mythology, Calypso is a sea nymph that captured the hero Odysseus and held him prisoner for seven years. The two Calypso twins have followers who believe they can turn humans into gods.

When playing the game, it’s important to avoid damaging attacks from Troy Calypso. While his attacks may be challenging, he will throw rocks at you can dodge them by moving. Troy’s attack will come at a time when you’re most vulnerable and will be easily caught off guard. The best way to avoid being caught in his dash attack is to run sideways or jump right before he lands.

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