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Buddha – The Golden Retriever Puppy in Air Buddies

ByJohn Amelia

Apr 6, 2022
Buddha – The Golden Retriever Puppy in Air Buddies

Buddha is one of the golden retriever puppies that appear in the Air Buddies movie series. The film is a fan favorite and has spawned several sequels, including one with a budderball fart. In the film, Buddha is a puppy that is not only fun to play with but also teaches you some important lessons about animal behavior. You can learn more about Buddha here. Also, read our review of the Buddha super buddy.

Air Buddies Buddha:

Buddha is the name of one of the five golden retriever puppies in the Air Buddies film series. Like the other Buddies, Buddha is a spiritually wise puppy who provides comfort and guidance for his Buddy siblings. He is officially licensed by Little Buddy and makes his debut in the new film. Buddies are the kids of the air-breathing golden retriever puppies Air Bud, Space Buddy, Santa’s Bud, and Treasure Buddy.

The series is a delightful comedy about stuffed animals and their new owners. During their conflict with their new owners, Buddha learns the importance of compromise and forgiveness by following the advice of their original owner, Buddy. In this way, they teach viewers that there are good and bad people in this world. Buddha, the most famous of all Air Buddies, is an avid yoga fan. He spends his free time meditating and practicing yoga.

Buddha Super Buddies:

The animated television series, Buddha Super Buddies, is a delightful way to learn more about this ancient spiritual teaching. The superpowers of these animals come in the form of rings, which the Buddies find mysterious. This film was directed by Robert Vince. The story follows five dogs in Fernfield Farms – Budderball, Mudbud, B-Dawg, and Buddha. In the course of the series, the Buddies learn about their powers and the importance of practicing yoga, meditation, and spiritual practice.

The Buddha film series has a number of different versions of the Buddies. In the first film, Buddha appears with four other Buddies, who are also named Buddha. Buddha is the calmest of the Buddies, and he wears a Buddhist collar. He also practices meditation in front of a spiritual statue. This film features Buddies with a Buddhist theme and is a licensed product of Little Buddy. Buddha also appears in the popular Air Buddies film series.

Air Buddies Budderball Fart:

“Buddha Budderball Fart,” from the air buddy comedy film series, is about an older golden retriever puppy who is not so good at saying “no” when someone pulls on his paw. Buddha has been out of the picture for six years, but he regains his senses when Puppy Paws transforms him into a snowman. The movie has a great message about letting go of children and maturing. Although Buddha has been a part of their lives, they have clashed with new owners, but Buddies have their own lessons to learn. Buddies learn to work with people – and the smallest of humans – and how to compromise. The film shows that it is always good in even the worst of people.

Despite Budderball’s name, he is lost and his “buddies” are captured by a bad guy. The bad guys plan to use the puppies as bait. Air Bud fights back against the bad guys but gets thrown out of the plot for a while. Meanwhile, Don Knotts, a dog trainer, tries to track down the pups, but they are trapped by the hordes.

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