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CoinArchives, NumisMaster, CNG, Roma, CNG, & More!

ByJohn Amelia

Oct 22, 2022
CoinArchives, NumisMaster, CNG, Roma, CNG, & More!

The CoinArchives database contains information on more than 661,000 ancient and modern coins. But, it can be difficult to identify individual items. The image sizes are often very small, compromising the illustration potential. Also, the uniformity of the images makes it hard to identify individual items. The good news is that search and research contain a combined total of 1,063,000 ancient and modern coin records.


Whether you’re a beginner coin collector or an experienced dealer, NumisMaster is a website you’ll want to use. It includes an online coin pricing service and collection management system. You can also subscribe to NumisMaster’s subscription service and receive valuable information about paper money and coins.

NumisMaster works very differently from other coin archives on the web. While the open-access version offers information on up to 100 coins, you can get much more detailed information if you subscribe to the site. You can search for coins by face value, condition, and more. Each item comes with various images and a description of its historical context. The database includes more than 40,000 items from various eras.

The NumisMaster coin archive contains information on ancient and modern coins, as well as an image search feature. It also offers an orientation guide and other helpful tools for coin collecting. You can also find information on a wide range of coins on Numismedia CoinArchives, a site that’s home to more than a million coins. Numismedia CoinArchives provides comprehensive information about each coin, including face value, images, and pricing. You can also find a brief history of each coin.

CoinArchives also includes digital versions of Krause’s catalogs. These offer a lot of information about individual coins, though access to the full breadth of Krause’s knowledge is only available after you subscribe to CoinArchives. You can also file individual coins on the website. CoinArchives also contains an extensive database of more than one million ancient records.


If you’re interested in ancient coins, the NGC CoinArchives database is an excellent place to start. The site offers high-resolution images and detailed descriptions for each coin. Members of the NGC Collectors Society can also login and access additional search results. The site also allows users to narrow down their search results by selecting a specific auction house. You can also see the hammer price without any commission.


If you’re thinking about sending your coins for PCGS grading, you should consider signing up for a Collectors Club membership. This membership gives you access to the PCGS Bulk Grading Service, where you can submit up to 20 coins for grading. You can save money on your coin grading by using the PCGS Bulk Grading Service.


Coinarchives CNG is a website that hosts auctions of coins. It sells over 20,000 coins annually. To date, it has sold more than $200 million worth of coins at auction. Coinarchives CNG also holds joint auctions with leading institutions. Its auctions are conducted by experts who know the market.

Coinarchives CNG has over 25 years of experience. During this time, it has published over 25 numismatic books ranging from specialist studies to practical guides. These publications have won awards and are recognized as standard references in their fields. It has also collaborated with the American Numismatic Society (ANS). In 2013, ANS awarded CNG with the Trustees’ Award and the Harry J. Forman Dealer of the Year Award.

The CNG 100 catalog includes a wide range of coins from ancient to modern times. It covers coinage from the Roman Republic, Early Medieval, British, and World periods. The catalogue also includes many rare Roman Alexandrian coins. In addition, CNG 100 includes a large selection of pedigreed coins from some of the most important collections in history.


Coinarchives Roma has a selection of rare coins from the Roman Empire. They are arranged by date, type, and value, and you can learn more about them by visiting the website. If you are looking for a Roman coin, check out Lot 1070 from the E-Sale 68 auction by Roma Numismatics Ltd. The coin is from AD 193, and is a Pertinax AR Denarius with a laureate head right and a standing Aequitas holding scales and cornucopiae.


The Numismedia coin archive database has become one of the most popular databases among coin collectors. It contains data on over two million coins. Users can search through the database by type or condition. The database also includes a helpful price guide. Users can find out how much their coins are worth by searching for the grade, condition, and type.

The Numismedia coin archive database includes both ancient and modern coins. This database is open to the public, and a free account allows users to browse the database. The site also contains images and descriptions of the coins. If you’re a collector looking to add more coins to your collection, you can use the search function. In addition to the CoinArchives database, there’s also the NumisMaster site by Krause, which includes digital versions of its catalogs. This website features large images of coins, and detailed information on the condition of each one. It’s free to use, but you can also sign up for full access to unlock all of Krause’s expertise.

Numismedia coinarchives contains more than one million records of ancient coins. The database is easy to navigate and features an attractive layout. Users can easily search for a particular type or era, or even narrow their search by date or price. Once you have a specific type or date in mind, you can filter the results by price, condition, or face value. The descriptions of the items include a history of the coin. In addition, users can view images of coins from various eras, including Roman and French coins.


The Heritage of Coinarchives is a website for collectors of rare coins. The site features over a million coins from all over the world. The site is free to join, and offers a wealth of information and historical background. Its site is also well organized, making it easy for collectors to find the rarest coins.

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