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Coinbase Tweets Emojis to Its Twitter Hashtag

ByJohn Amelia

Jun 20, 2022
Coinbase Tweets Emojis to Its Twitter Hashtag

In the aftermath of speculation over a possible Bitcoin ETF, Coinbase deleted a tweet following its critics. The company has since clarified its position in response to the tweet aimed at easing customers’ fears. Users have to decide between convenience and security when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange, but the Coinbase tweet may make the decision easier. In the meantime, Coinbase has also added emojis to its Twitter hashtag feature.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey criticizes Coinbase letter

Earlier this week, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Block co-founder Dick Costolo publicly criticized Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong’s decision to ban corporate activism and give employees severance packages if they leave the company. The news set off a real firestorm, with some supporters supporting Armstrong’s decision to eliminate politics from the workplace, while others criticized the move as tone-deaf.

Coinbase’s CEO Brian Armstrong, who wrote the letter, said his company would not engage in political activism. Rather, it would focus on developing infrastructure and developing the digital currency industry. However, some employees disagreed with the company’s decision to remove political activism. The company has since released a memo detailing the terms of the letter, including a generous severance package for its employees.

As CEO of Square Inc., Dorsey has been distancing himself from the direct leadership of the company for several years. However, he recently returned to Twitter after Square CEO Dick Costolo quit. This may indicate that he does not have any plans to leave the company in the near future. Nevertheless, Twitter is a wildly successful company that has become a major force in the world of technology.

Coinbase tweet deleted after speculations about doable Bitcoin ETF approval by SEC

Several weeks ago, the official blog site of the world’s largest crypto exchange Coinbase Inc. posted a post titled “Coinbase Report: Anticipate Development in Crypto Funds and SEC Authorized ETF” before it was quickly deleted. Speculation erupted after the post and some speculated that the deleted tweet was a hint at the first crypto ETF approval in the United States.

The tweet from the SEC Investor Education account mentioned a fund that holds Bitcoin futures contracts, which would enable institutions to short BTC. This could lead to an increase in BTC FOMO and cause the price to tank. Moreover, it could lead to the creation of new high-risk futures contracts. The last major platform to allow institutional shorting of BTC was CME Bitcoin futures, which launched at the top of the last cycle.

Binance emoji with Twitter hashtag feature

The largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, released an emoji with its Twitter hashtag feature Wednesday, which resembles a Nazi swastika. Twitter users quickly responded with anger. When the company deleted tweets that included the emoji, it promised that a different hashflag would be released soon. While a swastika looks like a six-pointed star, it’s not necessarily the same symbol as the Star of David.

The emoji was created using a new feature on Twitter called “branded hashtags,” which show a brand’s emoji when a user tweets the brand’s hashtag. The emoji, dubbed #BNB, was removed from the website shortly afterwards after users voiced their displeasure. The branded hash flags cost up to $1 million and last for only a short time. However, many users were upset by the emoji and others wondered whether it was a prank.

CryptoTwitter founders

Two of the CryptoTwitter founders are also among the most prominent figures in the bitcoin world. Nick Monahan, a computer scientist and cryptographer, is the creator of the term “smart contracts,” which was first used in 2014, and is now one of the most influential voices on the crypto-related topic. He is also the co-founder of the popular cryptocurrency podcast, “Off the Chain,” and is a prominent advocate of bitcoin. He’s an expert in blockchain technology and has started a Web3 developer meetup in Miami.

Jack Dorsey, who is the former CEO of Twitter, has weighed in on the controversy. He says that Coinbase’s goal is good, but doesn’t believe in any particular company or individual running the popular social media website. Short sellers were upset by his comment, and the coin rallied over two-thirds over the next 24 hours, resulting in over $20 million in liquidations. Coinbase’s stock closed 5.9% lower on Tuesday while Twitter’s stock declined 3.89%.

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