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Dentist Aprons – Protect Yourself From Germs and Other Bacteria!

ByJohn Amelia

Oct 5, 2022
Dentist Aprons – Protect Yourself From Germs and Other Bacteria!

If you are a dentist, you will need to wear a proper apron while working in the dental office. These aprons are designed to protect you from germs and other bacteria. Fortunately, there are several great options on the market that will keep you clean and comfortable while working in the dental office.

Embroidery logo RFID Tag Aprons:

RFID tag aprons are garments with RFID antennas installed. RFID tags operate in a range of 970 MHz and are attached to garments using flexible glue. The tag is sensitive to variations in the substrate, which shifts its resonance frequency. The proximity of human tissues to the RFID tag shifts its resonance frequency back to the desired range. The microchip of an RFID tag has a Pi “Power Input” (min) of -18 dBm and an electrical resistance of less than 1 x 10-4 O.

65/35 poly/cotton blend:

If you’re a dentist or a dental assistant, a 65/35 poly/cotton blend dentist or dental apron is an essential accessory. Made of 65/35 polyester/cotton twill, this apron is durable, breathable, and lightweight. It features four patch pockets and back ties. It is available in six-unit prepacks.

These aprons will keep you looking professional and presentable. They’re made from 65/35 poly/cotton blend, which means they’ll stay clean while helping you look your best. They also feature a non-adjustable neck strap and tie at the waist.

Embroidery logo:

An embroidery logo on a dentist apron can be a great way to advertise your practice. This kind of clothing is commonly white, but there are several other color options available. The apron has concealed buttons under the flap. You can have a logo of your choosing embroidered on it, or you can have a different logo embroidered on one side.

When embroidering your logo, you’ll need to keep in mind the size of your logo. A good rule of thumb is that it should not exceed five inches wide. You can extend your name to two lines, but make sure you don’t extend it beyond this limit. If you want to embroider more than one degree, make sure to use “&” to separate the two lines.

Chest pocket:

A dentist apron has a chest pocket that’s often hidden in the front. The apron is usually white, but you can order it in other colors as well. The chest pocket is a popular design, since it helps you keep your phone or other personal items in the pocket.

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