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Facebook’s New Audio Chat App – Hotline!

ByJohn Amelia

Oct 30, 2022
Facebook’s New Audio Chat App – Hotline!

Facebook is currently testing a new app for its NPE events called Hotline. Unlike the previous video calling app, it allows users to join live events using their phone numbers and Twitter handles. However, the company is also testing different authentication methods, including allowing users to verify their phone numbers with their Facebook accounts. It is not clear how these tests will affect the future of the service. Here are some of the most important things to know about Hotline:


For those of you who don’t know what Hotline is, it is an internal R&D group within Facebook that lets you live-stream video and audio Q&As. It is similar to the audio-only Clubhouse platform, but you’ll be able to add video as well. The website also has tools for applying for a show and setting up a waitlist. It is expected that Hotline will soon be available in the UK.

The NPE team at Facebook is behind the development of the Facebook hotline. This group is responsible for testing new products within the company. Its first experimental product, Clubhouse, is a positive-aware Q&A application that is currently being tested by Facebook. Despite the criticism, the NPE team is now planning to make it available globally, and is testing it on real estate investors and brokers.

Audio chat:

It seems Facebook is doing everything it can to stay ahead of the competition, including launching an audio chat application. Known as Hotline, the app is being developed by Facebook’s NPE team. This group is led by Eric Hazzard, who founded the positive-focussed Q&A app tbh, which Facebook acquired before pivoting to Hotline. But is the NPE team wasting its time?

The new Facebook NPE team has unveiled a new application called Hotline that is based on its rapidly growing Clubhouse concept and aimed at experts in knowledge. The app is currently in the public beta testing stage. Although the platform is not yet available in the UK, it can be accessed from the website. Users must log in with their Twitter account and leave their names on a waiting list. Once they’re on the list, they can participate in audio chat rooms.

Audience size limits:

A new social media app called Hotline is now available from Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team, which builds small social media applications from scratch. Hosts have the ability to delete any question they don’t want to answer from a queue. Facebook moderates any content that is inappropriate, although it is too early to say how creators can make money from hotline events. The Hotline app is available on Facebook, but its audience size limits have not been set yet.

The Hotline host has full control over the sessions and can remove questions if there’s an intruder or inappropriate question. Facebook employees will monitor sessions and remove violators if needed. There are no plans to limit audience size, but Facebook may be testing this feature before rolling it out to the public. If Hotline becomes successful, it may become a standalone app. In the meantime, it remains unclear if Facebook will limit the size of its audience.


The New Product Experimentation team at Facebook is beginning the beta phase of a new question-answer platform. Similar to Instagram Live and Clubhouse, Hotline gives creators a real-time audience that can ask them questions. The team has already recruited wealthy inversionist Nick Huber to be the first creator to test Hotline in public. In addition to the upcoming Live Chat and Messenger integrations, Facebook has also tested custom rap app bars and a voice-over radio station.

If you’re considering starting a hotline on Facebook, you should know that the process is free and there is no limit on the number of people that can join. But Facebook may limit the number of people who can join at a time to avoid disrupting the experience for users of current Facebook apps. And, if you are interested in becoming a moderator yourself, don’t forget that this is a two-way street.

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