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Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Hair Straightener on All Day

ByAnswers Herald Editor

Apr 19, 2022
Hair Straightener on All Day

Leaving your hair straightener on all day is a huge safety hazard. In the first place, it can cause a fire, and you could even leave it on overnight, leaving burn marks on your hair. This is why it is important to buy a quality auto-switch straightener. A good one will automatically switch off and save you from these problems. This will ensure that your hair straightener isn’t left on overnight and could cause burn marks on your hair.

Why you shouldn’t leave a hair straightener on the floor or on the bed

A hair straightener has the potential to start a fire when left unattended. They can also burn people without you even knowing it. This is why you should never leave your straightener on the floor or on the bed. You should also take a mat with you to protect combustible surfaces from the heat from your straightener. In the event that you must leave your straightener on the floor, make sure to turn it off before you get into bed.

Last week, a hair straightener was responsible for a fire in a London flat. A total of six fire engines and 40 firefighters attended the scene. The fire destroyed half of the two-room flat and injured 25 people. Firefighters were able to put out the fire within a few hours, but the flat was severely damaged. The fire caused 25 people to flee the building before the fire was extinguished.

Leaving a hair straightener plugged in can cause a house fire

Despite its low risk of starting a fire, a hair straightener can ignite a fire if left unattended. The danger of a fire is greater if the appliance is located near combustible materials, such as bedding. But it can be avoided by simply unplugging your hair straightener before leaving the room. The fire brigade has started a campaign to encourage women to unplug beauty appliances when not in use.

Although hair straighteners may not seem dangerous, they do pose a high risk of damage and even fire. A recent fire in London was caused by a hair straightener, and is one of the most common causes of fires. Hair straighteners can reach temperatures of 235 degC, and can ignite flammable materials nearby. If left unattended, they can even cause a house fire.

Leaving a hair straightener on can cause burn marks

The National Institute of General Medical Sciences estimates that the healing time for a first-degree burn is between five and ten days. The burn itself may be so tender that you can apply petroleum jelly to the affected area to help it retain moisture and heal quicker. Home remedies for minor superficial burns include washing and cleaning the affected area, avoiding scratching and restraint from tetanus.

A hair straightener can reach temperatures of 235oC, hot enough to fry bacon! Leaving it on all day is a recipe for burns. Even if you have switched it off after every use, the hair straightener can be extremely hot. After 15 minutes, the straightener can still be hot enough to burn you. So, always make sure that you leave it off when not in use.

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