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Ford Ranger Body Lift Install – How to Do it Yourself

ByJohn Amelia

May 14, 2022
Ford Ranger Body Lift Install – How to Do it Yourself

A Ford Ranger body lift can be installed yourself with basic tools. The lift will lift the body off the frame while still retaining the factory suspension. It will allow you to put bigger tires on your vehicle without sacrificing ride quality. You should be aware of the negative battery cable – it’s the black one. You also need to know which parts to remove to gain access to the body lift kit. You’ll want to remove the negative battery cable if you want to increase the height of your Ford Ranger.

Suspension lifts increase the performance and off-road ability of trucks

A suspension lift improves off-road capability and increases ground clearance. Trucks with a suspension lift will have higher ground clearance, which means larger tires can be mounted on wider wheels. Performance coil overs are a great way to improve off-road performance, and adjustable spring rates will allow you to handle any additional weight. In addition to enhancing off-road capabilities, suspension lifts can meet local laws, such as placing bumpers and lights at the appropriate height.

Adding suspension lifts to your truck will increase performance and off-road ability, but it also adds a significant cost. If you’re looking for maximum lift without compromising on performance, long arm kits are your best option. Be careful to choose a lift kit that won’t alter the angle of the driveshaft, though, because it can cause vibrations and sudden failure. Usually, a drive shaft-operating angle should be around one to three degrees. You also need to be aware of the drive shaft’s max RPM, which may be reduced or destroyed by a high lift.

Ford Ranger Body Lift prevents premature wear and tear

Before starting a Ford Ranger body lift installation, you need to know the basic components of the vehicle. There are eight factory bushings in the front, four in the rear, and two on each side. You can remove these by removing the fans and shroud and resting the fan and shroud in the engine compartment. Next, remove the kick panels, using a screwdriver or carpet ripper. Remove the carpet in the cab, and then proceed to remove the body bolts in the front kick well and behind the seat.

A body lift kit is a simple and inexpensive way to raise the ride height of a Ford Ranger without affecting the ride quality. Body lifts increase the ride height of the vehicle, allowing you to mount bigger tires without compromising the ride quality. However, body lifts alter the original suspension geometry and can cause premature wear and tear. For these reasons, it’s important to consult an off-road shop or read the instructions carefully before installing a body lift. Always spray the body mount bolts and bed bolts with lubricant after each installation to ensure they are in good condition.

Ford Ranger Body Lift are cheaper

The cost of a Ford Ranger body lift is usually much less than you would expect it to be. While you can try to do it yourself, you can also get a professional body lift installer to do it for you. Besides, body lifts are easy to install. So, why spend more when you can do it yourself for a much cheaper price? Read on to learn how to do it. You’ll be glad you did.

A body lift kit for the Ford Ranger raises the ride height by 2 inches. It’s easy to install and requires no modifications. The body lift kit is made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon blocks that offer quieter ride quality than aluminum. The lift also allows you to fit larger tires, up to 31 inches in diameter. A body lift kit costs a lot less than a professional installation. You’ll also save money because a professional installation of a body lift kit is not nearly as complicated as a body lift install.

Ford Ranger Body Lift are easier to install

You can install body lifts on your Ford Ranger in a few easy steps. To do this, remove the factory bushings and place a block of wood on the floor of your vehicle to prevent damage. Next, lower the hydraulic jack and lower the bed onto the lift pucks. If you’re installing the lift yourself, you should install a warning sticker on the dashboard and attach the lift to the body lifts using a nut driver.

While a body lift is easier to install, suspension lifts can increase your vehicle’s ability to handle rough terrain. These kits use lift parts to raise the truck body off of the frame, but they retain factory suspension. The Ford Ranger body lift is a great way to increase off-road capability and ride quality without sacrificing ride quality. For a DIY project, there are many body lift kits on the market. Supreme Suspensions, for example, makes a full-body lift kit for the Ford Ranger. These kits come with adjustable heights between 1″ and 2″ at the front and rear.

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