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Fortnite V-Bucks Card – How You Can Get it?

ByJohn Amelia

Jul 1, 2022
Fortnite V-Bucks Card – How You Can Get it?

Some in V-Bucks currency, which has a value similar to real-world cash, would undoubtedly cost a gamer. They may be used to buy premium equipment, content, and other bonuses in “Fortnite.” However, there are some methods to earn a free Fortnite vbucks card, such as completing challenges and objectives.

Microsoft Rewards is another option. In order to start earning points for the benefits service at Level 1, Level 1 users must perform at least five searches on Bing. This is a simple way to earn points with Microsoft Rewards. Microsoft, they are a well-known maker of consumer electronics technologies. It has partnered with a number of retailers in return for gift cards that may be used to purchase video games.

Any user who uses a Microsoft account with Bing, according to Microsoft, is able to take part in the company’s rewards programmer.

How to Get the Best One?

Kevin Stratvert, a YouTuber, claims that he employs a clever technique to enhance the results that can lead to points through the Microsoft Rewards, which he then exchanges for Fortnite V-bucks card and other in-game currency. Because this is the game he prefers to play, the YouTuber has concentrated on V-Bucks. But these awards can also be utilized for other appropriate purposes.

How to Create a Microsoft Account and Get Started?

Read the FAQs, starting with setting up an account on the Microsoft Rewards website. To begin that used the service, either sign in using an old Microsoft account or make a new one without cost. To track one’s progress for each search on the Bing platform and search engines, free v-bucks a Microsoft account is required.

How to Earn Microsoft Rewards Points via Bing Searches?

The best way to earn Microsoft Rewards awards without spending any real money is to use Microsoft Edge or a web application to access the Bing search engine platform. Users at Level 1 start out with five points per search and 150 points per month. Therefore, they can increase to 20 points per day and 600 points per month at Level 2, free v-bucks, and so on.

Since most individuals in the present age use smartphones rather than laptops or computers, users can easily use the Bing search application via Android or iOS devices to increase their revenue. Given that people already search and browse the web on a daily basis. Therefore, many companies thought this procedure was a “wonderful” way to earn points.

Final Verdict:

Users should visit the official Rewards website and choose the Shop option after earning enough points through the Microsoft Rewards search procedure. Users simply need to pick their preferred method of exchanging the V-Bucks after searching or browsing through the rewards.

For Xbox users, the 1,000 V-Bucks on the game are only worth $10 when purchased with the Xbox Gift Card, which only needs 1,620 points. On the other hand, Target and Walmart only offer a physical card that needs to be signed up or delivered. However, they charge a higher fee of 5,000 points for the same $10 worth of V-Bucks.

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