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Funeral Bishop Eddie Long’s Laurel Wreath Pin

ByJohn Amelia

Apr 6, 2022
Funeral Bishop Eddie Long’s Laurel Wreath Pin

The Rev. Neil C. Ellis delivered a touching eulogy at the funeral of Episcopal Bishop Eddie Long. Long, 63, died of cancer on Jan. 15 after a long battle with cancer. He was a highly controversial figure, accused of sexually molestation of teenage boys, and a recipient of the Laurel Wreath pin. His funeral service was held at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia.

Episcopal bishop eddie long died of cancer

Episcopal Bishop Eddie L. Long died of cancer on Sunday, January 22, 2018. He was 66. He leaves behind his wife, First Lady Elder Vanessa Long, four children, three grandchildren, and his congregation. There is no word yet on what kind of service Bishop Long will have for his homegoing. Long was a prolific author and lecturer. He was a former aide to President Barack Obama. But, before that, Long was a popular preacher. He racked up a wealth of awards for his work.

During his life, Bishop Long inspired thousands of Christians around the world. His global ministry changed lives and touched the lives of countless others. He believed that God was using him to show others the power of prayer, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the love of the New Birth. Sadly, he died of cancer, but his legacy lives on. If you were touched by his ministry, please consider giving a gift to his family.

He was a controversial figure

The funeral of Coretta Scott King took place in the church of Rev. Eddie Long, a controversial figure in the black church. He was an author, gospel singer, and preacher who was accused of sexual misconduct by four young men in 2010. Long denied the accusations, saying that he devoted his life to others. However, he continued to oppose gay marriage and same-sex marriage. In his last months on earth, he resigned in protest.

A number of allegations have surfaced since Long became a funeral bishop. Several male members of his congregation have filed separate civil lawsuits, alleging that Long sexually abused them. Long’s pastorate promoted a prosperity gospel and encouraged members to donate at least 10% of their income to the church. He also stirred up controversy when he publicly called for gay conversion. In 2010, four young men who attended his church filed lawsuits against him, alleging sexual misconduct and seduction. They allege that Long groomed them for sex relationships with his clergy. Two of the accusers attended the church’s satellite church in Charlotte.

He Was Accused of Molesting Teenage Boys

The scandal that broke last week has caused some controversy. The presiding bishop of a New Orleans church, Eddie Long, was accused of molesting teenage boys and sexually assaulting several women. But Long has not yet been found guilty of the accusations. His settlement with the victims has yet to be released, but a recent video shows him looking extremely thin. He was never publicly diagnosed with cancer.

Long was a member of the board of the DeKalb Police Alliance, which supports police officers in DeKalb County. The district attorney’s office, which has jurisdiction over Long, has not yet launched an investigation. Long’s church has grown from 150 members in 1987 to more than 8,000 when he was appointed to lead the church. Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter have attended services at his church.

He was Awarded Laurel Wreath Pin

The award was given to Long during the funeral service of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia, last January. Long had been initiated into Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc. on April 13, 1974. He was a member of the Decatur, Georgia Alumni Chapter at the time of his death. During the funeral, many members of the fraternity attended. One member presented the late Bishop Eddie Long’s widow, Vanessa Long, the Laurel Wreath pin. However, some of Long’s fellow Kappa brothers say that Long did not live a life worthy of being awarded the Laurel Wreath pin. However, one member of the fraternity, Thomas Battles Jr., said Long embodied all the traits of a perfect Kappa man.

Despite the sex scandal in 2010 and the allegations made by his accusers, Long settled the case. He did not pay for anything in cash, but instead used his personal resources to help the young men. Long’s legal team believed that if he settled the case, he would not have to face trial. They also gambled that the majority of his congregation would still support him. Although the controversy was over, he still managed to help a lot of boys, many more than the ones he accused of molestation.

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