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Gengar Pillow!

ByJohn Amelia

Nov 2, 2022
Gengar Pillow!

The Gengar pillow is a sleeping companion that rolls out like a sleeping bag. It is designed to be smaller than an average Gengar, which measures 1.5 meters long from the tail to the tip. The pillow has five feet of padding and can be unrolled when not in use. It is available for Y=25,950 JPY. You can purchase one for yourself or a loved one. Read on to find out more about it.

Gengar pillow is a sleeping companion:

For fans of the Pokémon franchise, the Gengar pillow is a perfect way to sleep close to their favorite character. The purple pocket monster can be used as a blanket or a pillow, or it can even be folded into a fluffy pillow. It can be a great companion for anyone in need of comfort or a place to rest their head. If you’re tired of sleeping on hard floors, a Gengar pillow can help you unwind.

It rolls out like a sleeping bag:

It has five feet of padding and is 48cm tall, which is smaller than an average Gengar’s head and tail. Since this pillow is rolled out like a sleeping bag, it can be used as a blanket and sleeping bag. The Gengar pillow has also been praised as a social distancing method and a COVID-19 deterrent. Many people have compared the Gengar pillow to a Metapod-shaped sleeping bag, which is one of the most popular Pokemon games.

It costs Y=25,950 JPY:

The price for a Gengar pillow is Y=25,950 JPY, or approximately $250 USD. The pillow is already sold out on the P-Bandai website, but you can pre-order one for a later shipping date. The Gengar pillow is a cool item for any fan of the popular Japanese video game. If you’re not a fan of the Japanese anime, you may want to stay away from the pillow until it’s restocked.

It looks like a Gengar:

You might be wondering what this pillow looks like. Unlike the usual pillow that you lay on while sleeping, this Gengar pillow looks like a living creature. Its spiky tongue and mouth make it an adorable pillow for a kid’s room. The pillow is a preorder only item and is expected to ship in June or July. However, you can already pre-order one by visiting P-Bandai.

It can be used as a bed:

A new $250 Gengar pillow is being launched in Japan. Designed to match the character, the Gengar pillow is not a perfect bed pillow. Nonetheless, it is a comfortable and practical option for sleeping, and its tongue is five feet long. In promotional pictures, models are shown sleeping with the Gengar pillow as a thin mattress and blanket. In recent months, Bandai has continued to position Gengar bedding as a part of the business environment, introducing a sleeping bag and a pillow.

It can prevent the spread of COVID-19:

The latest viral item has been a Gengar pillow. This Gengar-shaped pillow is a giant stuffed animal that resembles the first generation Ghost-type Pokemon. It is also equipped with a giant tongue that can be extended to form a soft, comfortable cover. While most people might not immediately associate Gengar with a pillow, this creature has been linked to the prevention of the spread of COVID-19.

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