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Genshin Impact Censorship Changes

ByJohn Amelia

Jun 27, 2022
Genshin Impact Censorship Changes

The censorship system in Genshin Impact has recently undergone changes. While the game has a good following among fans, in-game censorship remains to be seen. Regardless, fans are incredibly passionate about this change and are making it public. Here are some of the things to watch out for. In the end, you’ll be glad you checked out this article before making any decisions. If you want to avoid spoilers, read the rest of the article before making your final decision.

Mihoyo’s Chinese version of Genshin Impact

The censorship of the Chinese version of Genshin Impact is a slap in the face to fans of the game and the tainted reputation of the studio behind the series. The game, developed in mainland China, features the names of Stalin, Hitler, and Falun Gong among others. The censorship is a major issue for the game’s popularity, which may be affected by Tencent’s continuing acquisition of studios.

The censorship in the Chinese version of Genshin Impact has left fans and critics divided. Some gamers argue that Mihoyo’s decision was not censorship, and the company has responded by changing the game’s content and setting up a system for tracking best practices. On Tuesday, the Chinese Twitter accounts for the game shared news of new outfits for the characters. Others have pointed out that censorship of the game is not a serious issue, because the new outfits are more colourful and interesting.

In the United States, a similar controversy involving censorship of the game has enraged fans of the Japanese game. In Hong Kong, protesters have used the game as an excuse to denounce censorship in the Chinese version of the game. The censorship of the Chinese version of Genshin Impact is the result of Chinese laws. This means that games based in China must comply with Chinese laws regarding censorship, and Chinese versions of popular games are often heavily censored to prevent them from being sold in the country.

Mihoyo’s censorship

The latest news in the world of anime and video games focuses on the censorship of Genshin Impact. As the distributor of the game, Mihoyo has apologized to its Chinese player base and distributed 1200 Primogems to all players in China. However, players outside of China aren’t getting any free Primogems. There are a couple of good reasons for this. First, the censorship is aimed at CCP censorship regulations. Mihoyo has also reorganized its company so it will be outside of China to distribute the game. Secondly, the company has asked players to accept its privacy policy.

Secondly, it has been reported that the in-game chat system will censor words referring to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet, and others. While the censorship of these words is only for the game itself, the effect may not be as obvious. Some players have complained about this censorship on the game’s social media, and a recent forum post suggests that Mihoyo’s censorship of words is actually a symptom of an ongoing censorship policy.

Another aspect of the censorship of Genshin Impact is its sexism. While the character in question is a woman, she’s censored for the game. However, the game also bans characters who disapprove of China, the CCP, or Chinese culture. As a result, the character receives 15 years of life back. While the Chinese government is a notoriously authoritarian nation, the censorship of Genshin is a symptom of an ongoing system of oppression.

Mihoyo’s costume redesigns

The censorship in China has caused MiHoYo to redesign some of her character costumes. Genshin Impact, a live-service game, is currently being forced to make these changes to its designs because of new censorship laws. As the owner of Cognosphere, MiHoYo has said that she will no longer release costumes that are too revealing. She will, however, release new versions of characters that are less risqué.

Fans of Genshin Impact have expressed their opposition to these censorship restrictions, calling them a capitulation to the Chinese government. While the fan base has not yet reached boiling point, they are outraged by meagre One Year Anniversary contest prizes, free promotion for the game, and KFC gliders. The game’s censorship issues have led to an online discussion among Chinese fans, who were angry at the blatant censorship. Despite this, Mihoyo has apologized for her decisions with over 1200 Primogems.

The new characters’ costumes in “Genshin Impact” aren’t the only ones affected. Some players have argued that the new character designs are more conservative than previous versions. However, while Mihoyo has stated that these changes don’t directly affect censorship, some players have expressed their dissatisfaction with the permanent changes to their costume designs.

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