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Global Indian International Schools (GIIS)!

ByJohn Amelia

Sep 20, 2022
Global Indian International Schools (GIIS)!

Global Indian International Schools (GIIS) are a popular school system in Asia. They have campuses all over the continent, including Singapore. They offer a variety of curricula and incorporate Eastern and Western education philosophies. They also offer scholarships for meritorious students. For more information, visit the Global Indian International Schools website.

GIIS is a multi-curricula school:

GIIS is a multi-curiculum school that aims to nurture students to become academically strong and skilled individuals. The school follows an award-winning educational framework called 9GEMS that promotes excellence in nine areas of development: academics, sports, the arts, leadership, and service. The school also fosters values such as universal brotherhood and global citizenship. Its pioneering methodologies and futuristic approach to education help students develop in all areas.

At GIIS, students are urged to develop their creativity by participating in a variety of activities. The school’s interdisciplinary curriculum includes fine arts, literature, performing arts, sports, and creative and digital arts. GIIS also encourages students to develop their creative thinking and to become good problem-solvers.

GIIS offers both Indian and international curriculum. Children can take either the CBSE or the Cambridge Programme. From Grades 1 to 10, they can also choose a dual curricula pathway. The school also offers Mandarin as a compulsory second language. In addition, students can learn French, Bahasa Melayu, Hindi, and Tamil. The school’s secondary curriculum focuses on cognitive, emotional, and spiritual development, and emphasizes self-reflection in a digital environment. Moreover, GIIS also offers a bridge programme to provide academic support to students who enrol anytime during the school term.

GIIS is one of the leading international schools in Singapore. It is operated by the Global Schools Foundation, a Singaporean company. With a total of 22 campuses across seven countries, GIIS caters to the needs of the Indian expatriate community. The school offers both Indian and international curricula, including a Montessori-inspired curriculum for the youngest students. Additionally, the school offers the IB Primary Years Programme and the IGCSE and Diploma Programmes.

It offers Indian national curriculum:

Global Indian International Schools (GIIS) in Hyderabad, India, teach the Indian national curriculum to students from different nationalities. The school’s innovative pedagogical framework 9 GEMS goes beyond the traditional syllabus to promote creativity, ethics, and discipline. The school also emphasizes personal development, leadership, and entrepreneurship.

GIIS has multiple campuses around Asia. Abu Dhabi is their latest location. They are the largest school group to offer Indian curriculum. If you are looking for a quality school for your child, consider Global Indian International Schools. They offer both Indian and hybrid curriculums for children. For more information, visit their website.

GIIS emphasizes academic excellence and the Nine Gems ™ educational framework to ensure a well-rounded education. The curriculum emphasizes Academic Excellence, Personality Development, Universal Values and Ethics, Creativity & Innovation, Visual & Performing Arts, Entrepreneurship & Leadership, and Skill Development.

The Global Indian International School in Dubai is a member of Global Schools Foundation. It is authorized to offer dual curriculum, including the Indian National Curriculum (ICSE) and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). The school has more than 1,600 students and modern facilities. The school employs 100 teachers and 27 teaching assistants, giving students a high-quality education.

It integrates Eastern and Western education philosophies:

Global Indian International Schools integrate Eastern and Western education philosophy to give children a complete education. The curriculum is based on the Nine Gems(tm) model, which blends academics and experiences while promoting creativity, language skills, and the arts. The schools’ curriculum focuses on developing students’ personality and ethics.

While there are some similarities between Eastern and Western education philosophy, the two approaches are far different. While Western education focuses on ensuring that students are prepared for a particular occupation, the Eastern approach places a higher value on creativity and independent thought. In the Western world, students are encouraged to be unique and original, as Albert Einstein once said, which fosters evolution and progress.

In Western schools, students are more apt to challenge ideas in the classroom. This is because Western ideals have been present in the land for centuries. In contrast, Eastern students may be hesitant to challenge ideas for fear of receiving a bad grade. By using both approaches, the students of these schools are better prepared to take risks and become leaders in their communities.

Parents are the primary decision-makers in their children’s education and careers. They need to be informed about the differences between these two approaches. However, they do not have a common starting point. Hopefully, this article will raise critical and global awareness among global citizens. It may provide some insight into the differences between western and eastern education philosophy and how they are taught.

It provides scholarships to meritorious students:

Global Indian International Schools (GIIS) offers scholarships to meritorious students, covering the cost of stipends, airfare, and other expenses. These scholarships are available for students from developing nations. To be eligible for an award, the applicant must be an Indian national between the ages of 30 and 40, whose academic record and publications are outstanding. Applicants who are eligible to apply should possess a PhD in the field in which they wish to study.

Global Indian International Schools awards scholarships to deserving students with a focus on emerging talent. Students are provided with a platform to polish their skills and become part of the 21st century learning pedagogy through scholarships such as the Global Citizen Scholarship, which includes a fee waiver of up to 100% over two years. Other scholarships are available in the form of the Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship and Global NextGen Scholarship, which honor students who demonstrate excellence in academics.

The Canadian Graduate Scholarship is another opportunity for aspiring academics from developing nations. The scholarship is awarded to a select group of students each year to pursue a doctorate degree in Canada. This scholarship provides CAD 50,000 annually to students, covering their tuition and other expenses. The scholarship has become an increasingly popular choice among Indian students seeking higher education in Canada.

Scholarships from the French Embassy are also available to study abroad. Currently, the French embassy in India awards scholarships to 500 students worth 12 crore Indian rupees. The French Embassy also provides an online database of scholarships offered by foreign states and regional authorities. Additionally, there are numerous foundations and companies that fund higher education.

It offers sports facilities:

The Global Indian International School has a sprawling green play ground where students can enjoy a variety of sports and games. There are also facilities for swimming and indoor games. This co-ed day school is located in Sector 71 and serves hundreds of students. Its school year runs from April to March and classes are available for students in pre-nursery through XII.

The school’s campus is state-of-the-art, incorporating the latest facilities. There is an academic wing, a sports centre, a playground, a skating rink, and an extensive library. The campus is wifi enabled and includes 75 inch multi-touch panels in all classrooms. Moreover, there is a multi-purpose auditorium with a seating capacity of 600. The school also has tennis, soccer, and basketball courts.

Global Indian International School is committed to the development of a student’s holistic well-being. The school offers extensive extracurricular activities, including music and performing arts. Students can also opt for the National Service program. GIIS also offers a stellar IB PYP curriculum. Besides its excellent academics, the school offers sports facilities that are second to none.

GIIS is a premier international school in Singapore. It has two campuses in Singapore, where it caters to a diverse community of expats. The school offers a dual curriculum and offers IB Diploma options for its students after Grade 10. Its mission is to educate the future leaders of the world. It aims to develop students into global citizens who are committed to excellence, honesty, and adaptability.

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