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God Sees the Truth, But Waits

ByJohn Amelia

Jul 29, 2022
God Sees the Truth, But Waits

In John 8:32, Christ Jesus promised us that we would be free. Healing is needed for various reasons and the truth must be true in order to bring about healing. In the beginning, people believed that the earth was flat and the sun revolved around it. However, the truth changed when we realized that it was all true. God is omniscient and all-knowing. He is the source of all truth. So, how does he know the truth?

God is all-knowing

God is all-knowing. His perfect knowledge is unmatched. Because of this, God can know anything and everything perfectly. God also has the ability to execute that knowledge. This knowledge is called wisdom. Although God is all-knowing, he is not all-wise. God knows things independently, and has not acquired knowledge from outside sources. Rather, he has accumulated knowledge over time. This means that he cannot learn anything new.

God is omniscient

A theistic account of providence demands a God who is omniscient. This stance appeals to the “perfect being” theology of St. Anselm, who held that God is greater than we can possibly imagine, and then extended this notion further to conclude that God is better than we are. But how does a God with infinite knowledge explain providence? Let’s look at two common objections to the doctrine.

God is a king

One of the most fundamental questions of Christianity is why God is a king. We have seen many instances where people refer to God as king and what they mean by this. However, some people argue that God is not a king, but is rather a creator. If God is a king, then he can rule over all people without their consent. As the king of mankind, God is also the King of heaven and earth.

God is the source of all truth

God is the source of all truth, and we must acknowledge him as the author of that truth. Without God, our efforts to define, describe, or understand truth will be useless and ultimately lead to nonsense. The truth is a universal absolute, and God is the author, judge, governor, and arbiter of all truth. Hence, we must acknowledge God as the source of all truth, and live by His principles.

God sees

Leo Tolstoy’s novel God Sees the Truth, But Waits is a parable on forgiveness and redemption. It served as the inspiration for Stephen King’s book Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption (1982), which became an iconic movie. The story focuses on a man who spent two decades in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Though he contemplated suicide, he eventually decides to forgive the man who had committed the crime.

God understands

What is “truth”? What is truthfulness, and why does God know and understand it? The word “truth” has different meanings in Greek and Hebrew. For example, the Hebrew word for truth is emet, while the Greek word for truth is aletheia. Both words mean truthfulness and uprightness, with nothing to hide. Truthfulness is a virtue that God is characterized by. Therefore, we can trust His word.

God knows

In the Bible, God is described as omniscient, a term that comes from the Latin words omnis, which means “all”, and scientia, which means “knowledge.” Because of his omniscience, God knows everything. This knowledge is absolute and unacquired. As a result, he can rightly judge humanity. This gives believers a great deal of comfort, as God is aware of the needs of every single believer.

God is the Rock

David extolled the Lord and referred to God as the Rock of his salvation in Psalm 46. This metaphor of a rock symbolizes stability, dependability, strength, and faithfulness. Throughout the Psalms, David refers to God as the rock of his life over twelve times. As the Rock of our lives, God provides us with a way to escape fear, insecurity, and sin. In fact, Jesus’ death made it possible for us to receive salvation from God.

Satan is a liar

As the father of lies, Satan is a master of deception and the original liar. Like Martin Luther and Robert Goddard, Satan told the first lie in history to Eve. His first words to Eve are suspicious and deceptive. He contradicted God’s Word by telling her that she wouldn’t die. Because of his lies, Eve and Adam fell to sin and the rest of humanity has fallen, too.

Satan lies to cover his murders

Satan is a liar who uses lies to separate people from their heavenly Father. He deceives people by telling them lies about God, the Bible, and the good works they perform. The Bible is clear that Satan’s true character is a deceiver, but we must resist his lies and his methods. The Bible also lists many examples of Satan’s lies. Here are some examples of his lies:

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