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Golem Witcher 3 – How to Create a Golem

ByJohn Amelia

Jun 28, 2022
Golem Witcher 3 – How to Create a Golem

In the Golem Witcher 3, you can use the Elements to damage your enemies. To create a Golem, you can learn how to reverse transmute elements. This technique allows you to use your favourite element to damage another. However, there are several tips for making Golems in the game. Here are some of them. Keep reading! Hopefully, these tips will help you become a better Golem hunter!


Golems are a form of monster in The Witcher 3. The main difference between them and humans is their lack of brain cells and agility. While steel blades and other weapons are useless against them, you can improve your attack power by using the Thunderbolt Potion. You can make it with Dwarven Spirit, Cortinarius, and Endrega Embryo. You can also make enhanced versions of the Thunderbolt Potion.

To counter the attacks of the Golem, you can use Dimeritium Bombs, which seal magical attacks, and the Yrden Sign, which slows down the monster’s advance and allows you to avoid deadly swings. A Silver Sword with Elementa oil on it is also useful since it deals extra damage against Golems. You should also use healing items such as a Puffball and Dog Tallow to restore your health after the damage from a Golem.

Reverse transmutation

Reverse transmutation is one of the most interesting aspects of the game, but you must first understand how it works. This ability is the same as reincarnation, only reversed, and is only useful for a limited number of different creatures. You must first find a magical stone that will turn your body into one of these creatures. The stones have a definite healing effect and can be very useful in battle.

In addition, the game’s stability was affected by looting. In New Game + mode, the Enchanter’s bonus was not displayed correctly. In addition, the tutorial text content was displayed in a different way in the game’s character panel. In addition, the character panel no longer opened when entering or leaving meditation, which led to a visual stutter in Roach’s animation. Lastly, in quests that required the player to acquire Wolf School gear, there were also some minor issues that had to be fixed.

Creating a Golem

There are many ways to create Golems in Witcher 3. You can start by obtaining a Tower Tarot Card from Vaska. You can then talk to Kalkstein in the Temple Quarter to learn how to use the Tower Tarot Card and how to awaken Sentry. Once you have done this, you can proceed to make a Lightning Rod by visiting a Blacksmith in the Temple Quarter and spending fifty to seventy Orens.

The Golem has a variety of special abilities. It is a powerful killing machine that can mix magical and physical attacks. You can equip it with Stone Armor to enter battle with increased armour and magic resistance. You can also equip it with Summon Gargoyles to summon a gargoyle that slows enemies in the area around it and explodes when it reaches an enemy.


A variety of weapons, armour, and other items can help you out in battling the Golem. Dimeritium Bombs seal magical attacks, Yrden Sign traps slow down the Golems, and Quen Sign protects you from heavy attacks. The Silver Sword should be coated in Elementa oil for bonus damage against the Golem. Finally, healing items can help you recover from damage caused by Golems.

A golem was originally animated by writing the Hebrew word for truth on its forehead. To make it inert, the first letter was erased, converting it to the Hebrew word for dead. The word “Shem” is a secret name of God. The Golem is the most powerful of these. As such, it’s necessary to defeat them in order to get the Yensid’s essence.

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