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Hamako Mori, 91, is the World’s Oldest Video Game YouTuber!

ByJohn Amelia

Oct 21, 2022
Hamako Mori, 91, is the World’s Oldest Video Game YouTuber!

91-year-old Japanese grandma, Hamako Mori, is one of the world’s oldest video game YouTubers. She has been playing video games since 1981, and is the oldest gaming YouTuber in the world. The oldest video game YouTuber, Hamako Mori, is set to turn 91 in May 2020. This article explores her passion for video games and how she hopes to continue playing them for as long as possible.

91-year-old grandma from Japan is world’s oldest gaming YouTuber:

The 91-year-old Japanese grandma is the world’s oldest gaming YouTuber! Hamako Mori, known as “Gamer Grandma,” was born in 1930 and has been playing video games for nearly four decades. Her latest video is from 2014, and she’s already racked up over 520k subscribers! Watch her play through a variety of popular games!

Despite being ninety-one years old, Hamako Mori, of Japan, has been playing video games for more than 40 years. She first started playing the Nintendo FC in 1981, and has been streaming her gaming sessions to YouTube ever since. Her videos have gathered almost 350,000 subscribers, and she has even been inducted into the Guinness World Record books.

She started playing video games in 1981:

Japanese-born Hamako Mori started playing video games more than 40 years ago. She began with a cassette vision game console, which became the classic Japanese Nintendo Entertainment System. In the ’90s, she transitioned to PlayStation. Mori has logged over 200 hours of play since she took up the hobby. While she played alone in the early days, in 2014, she decided to go online and create a gaming channel titled Gamer Grandma.

Despite being in her seventies, Mori still plays games on a daily basis, sometimes for seven to eight hours a day. Despite her age, Mori says it would be hard to get more seniors to take up gaming in the United States. Fortunately, she lives in Japan and has a YouTube channel, “Gamer Grandma.”

She plays Grand Theft Auto 5:

A pensioner from Japan named Hamako Mori has over 539 000 YouTube subscribers. Mori, 91, has been playing video games since the early 1980s and is known as Gamer Grandma. While she has been a fan of action games since the beginning, she is especially fond of first-person shooters. In her videos, Mori plays Grand Theft Auto 5 on difficult difficulty, where she can earn cash from stealing cars.

Mori has a YouTube channel called Gamers Grandma, where she plays AAA games, with her favorite being Grand Theft Auto 5. She is the oldest gamer on YouTube and believes that age is no barrier. In 2020, Mori is expected to be crowned the oldest gamer in the world. Her videos have 320k subscribers, which are mostly of herself playing video games. And while she is a grandmother, gaming does not need to be confined to a computer.

She has plans to keep playing video games:

Despite her advanced age, Hamako Mori has no plans to stop playing video games. She started playing video games in the late 1970s and has collected many different consoles over the years. She first played the Cassette Vision in Japan, which was released on July 30, 1981. While she enjoyed playing this retro gaming console, she thought it was unfair to younger children. After a few years of playing, she moved on to the Nintendo Entertainment System and eventually moved on to the PlayStation.

Although video games are usually associated with teenagers and younger adults, Hamako Mori is no exception. Several senior citizens make time to play video games. In fact, one 89-year-old grandmother even has her own YouTube channel where she uploads her gameplays. Hamako says she enjoys playing video games and wants to keep playing them as long as possible. Her favorite games are Grand Theft Auto V and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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