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Harvard and Stone in Los Angeles!

ByJohn Amelia

Aug 22, 2022
Harvard and Stone in Los Angeles!

If you are looking for a great spot in Los Angeles, Harvard and Stone might be the perfect place. Its cozy feel and intricate cocktails are sure to impress. A stage at the front corner is intimate and hosts LA favorites. That’s where Lauren Ruth Ward and Eduardo met, just a few years ago. They’ve been together ever since. Now they’re planning their wedding, and are looking for a place where they can celebrate it in style.

Homey feel:

A bar that blends hipster charm and an old timey saloon, Harvard and Stone is a favorite of LA’s hipster set. The hipster crowd, complete with mustachioed men and women in floral dresses and army boots, frequents Harvard and Stone on Saturday nights. The menu includes unique cocktails, and the bar regularly hosts live music. Although it is not strictly a hipster bar, the Harvard and Stone is an excellent spot for anyone looking to enjoy a drink while watching an improv show.

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Intricate cocktails:

Whether you are a die-hard cocktail drinker or prefer to sip on an elegant drink with a twist, Harvard and Stone offers complex, elegant, and delicious cocktails. Designed with precision, the ingredients used in a Harvard & Stone cocktail are carefully chosen to create the smoothest and most flavorful drink possible. Vodka is a main ingredient, while spearmint and peppermint are equally as delightful.

Burlesque dancers:

In an intimate setting, the bar at Harvard and Stone offers an unforgettable experience. Burlesque dancers perform above the bar while the DJ spins records. The bar is smoke-free and is the perfect place to meet new people. In addition to a great cocktail selection, Harvard and Stone has burlesque dancers on the weekends and local bands on the midweek. Guests are welcome to dance the night away or just enjoy the company of locals.

The venue is the perfect spot for an afternoon of drinking and dancing. Located in a hipster haven just off Hollywood Boulevard, Harvard and Stone draws a hipster crowd. Mustachioed men rub elbows with women in army boots and floral dresses. The bar features a steampunk atmosphere and reclaimed antique light bulbs. The burlesque dancers are the perfect complement to the upscale crowd.

House band:

When you go to the Boston and Stone House bar in Los Angeles, you may think that it’s just another neighborhood bar. However, that’s not the case. They also feature live music shows with a mixologist team and impeccably designed decor. This unique venue is part hip cocktail bar and part entertainment space with a hint of Americana. There’s always something new going on at the Harvard and Stone, and live music is available every night of the week.

If you’re looking for a place to celebrate the upcoming Independence Day, Harvard and Stone is the place to go. The hipster crowd will love the hipster atmosphere and refurbished antique light bulb decor. You can even take a photo of yourself swaying your hips to the tunes. This Los Feliz bar should be on your bucket list. And for good reason: the live music is second to none. The band performs on Saturday nights, and there’s no cover charge!

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