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Hidden Messages in the Gravity Falls Theme Song

ByJohn Amelia

Jun 23, 2022
Hidden Messages in the Gravity Falls Theme Song

Did you know that the theme song of the Disney animated television series Gravity Falls plays three letters backwards? It’s a song with a wisper in it that interprites the line “I’m still here”. When played backwards, it plays “three letters back.” The underlying message behind the song is that the characters are stuck in a time loop and need to be rescued. This is a perfect way for fans to find hidden messages in the show.

Hidden messages in the Gravity Falls theme song

Have you ever wondered what the hidden message in the Gravity Falls theme song is? Many fans of the show have been confused by the song’s lyrics, but luckily there is a simple way to decipher these hidden messages. You may have heard the song’s whisper at the beginning of every episode, but have you ever wondered what it means? The secret lies in a simple change in the song’s rhythm: when played backwards, the song plays with “three letters back” instead of the first two.

The song’s clip contains references to several events in the show. The first clip uses a version of the theme song that is corrupted and has the rising black 8-ball as an ominous sign. Another clip shows Dipper reading her journal while rising in gravity. In addition, the song’s lyrics also mention an episode from Season 2 called “Not What He Seems.” A couple of other hidden messages in the Gravity Falls theme song are also found in the full title sequence of the show. This episode also includes many images of Bill.

Another way to unlock the secrets of the show’s theme song is to listen to the song backwards. It may not start right away, but you’ll have to be logged in to your YouTube account to watch the videos. However, the videos will remain on your watch history, and your choices will be influenced by them. However, it is possible to find hidden messages in the Gravity Falls theme song by doing some homework.

Hidden messages in the Weirdmageddon story arc episodes

If you are a fan of the animated series, you’ve likely noticed that the upcoming Weirdmageddon story ARC contains many hidden messages. In an interview with IGN, creator Alex Hirsch discussed how the multi-episode arc is going to be shaped by this recurring theme. In this article, we’ll take a look at the themes of these episodes, and explain some of the deeper messages that they may contain.

One of the most interesting messages is the one that is hidden on the page of The Author’s book. This message reads: “I WAS SO BLIND.” This tells us that The Author knew that the apocalypse was imminent, but was deceived into playing a significant role in its development. Moreover, we find out that Wendy was the first person to take a selfie when Bill began his Weirdmageddon, and that she did so while Bill was destroying her Journals.

A third message in the Weirdmageddon arc involves a mysterious figure called Bill Cipher. This ageless demon is able to send messages and a warning to the heroes. The episode is also filled with foreshadowing and mystery, as one character has to travel through the mind of another character to find the true identity of another character. Despite the numerous connections, the episode ends with a fluffy cat becoming the judge in Mabel’s imaginary prison during the Weirdmageddon.

Hidden messages in the Weirdmageddon theme song

“Weirdmageddon” is a series that features a corrupted version of its theme song and apocalyptic opening sequences. In the first season, Bill is reincarnated and now has full control of gravity falls. Other episodes of the series follow the same narrative, displaying weird changes in Gravity Falls as the town is overrun with monsters and eye bats. Hidden messages in the Weirdmageddon theme song are often included in the show’s story arcs and in the episode “Weirdmageddon Part 2.”

In the second episode, the characters reveal that they are cynics. The characters are characterized by cynic attitudes and are aggressive toward Mabel and Dipper. Stan is also a cynic and is unable to see the true nature of reality. His cynicism is also evident in the episode “The Dreamscaperers.” Moreover, his cynicism is reflected in his refusal to let Bill into his mind.

Fans can decode the three whispers found in the season 2 openers. Each whisper contains a clue to a secret message in the episode, which fans decode by playing the song backwards. The words in the lyrics refer to the letters A, B, and C. The second whisper says, “Switch A to Z, and switch back three letters”, while the third whisper contains the word “Thirty-Six” referring to the series’ theme song.

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