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Hide Tumblr Post Date and Time

ByJohn Amelia

Apr 25, 2022
Hide Tumblr Post Date and Time

Hide Tumblr post date and time by making a few minor changes to the HTML code of your theme. These changes are minimal enough for users with minimal HTML knowledge to make them. To make these changes, you must know which code segments to modify and where to find them. Fortunately, Tumblr’s user interface makes it easy to navigate and find these code segments. After logging in to your Tumblr account, select the Account button, which takes you to the Edit Appearance page. Click the headings that are pertaining to each blog you are editing.

Backdating a post

If you want to change the date of a post on Tumblr, you must first publish it. You can change the date of a post from its initial state to a future date or a slightly earlier or later one. The date will appear at the top of your Tumblr account. You can also change the date of a flagged post. However, backdating a post on Tumblr does not work for the dashboard display.

You can backdate a post on Tumblr to change the order in which it appears on your blog or dashboard. It is possible to change the date of a post on Facebook too, though the earliest one is from 1905. Backdating a post on Tumblr can be very useful in certain situations, as it can help users understand when the content was published. However, be aware that backdating can have adverse consequences.


If you have written a Tumblr post, you probably want to know how to re-post it. Many people get confused between reposting and re-blogging. You can help prevent unintentional copying of art by including a visual demonstration for new users. In addition, you can set the date and time of a Tumblr post when re-blogging.

If you don’t remember the original post date or time, you can use the “re-blogging” feature to make the post date and time appear later. But don’t forget to post a disclaimer that states that you re-blogged the content. Otherwise, you’ll be suspended from the site. And don’t forget to give credit to the original author of the post! If you re-blog without crediting the author, Tumblr will remove the post from your blog, though you can still find it in other blogs.

Sorting posts on Tumblr

You can rearrange your posts by date and time in Tumblr by knowing the correct URL of your page. By default, Tumblr displays posts from the latest date to the oldest, but you can change this to suit your needs. This is particularly useful for long-form content that you might want to read page by page. To rearrange your posts by date and time, follow these steps.

To sort posts by date, click the corresponding tags. Each tag has a timestamp at the bottom, which makes it easy to find the most recent one. If the post has no timestamp, click it to see it in chronological order. Or you can add /chrono to the URL and view the posts chronologically. Alternatively, you can manually select posts by date and time, and edit them as needed.

Using hashtags

  • Tumblr has changed its tags to be more relevant and searchable.
  • While you can still use multiple tags for your posts, you should use a single one for each topic.
  • The ‘timestamp’ extension lets you choose which time zone your posts are published in.
  • Tumblr is more active during the evening and weekend.
  • To avoid confusion, here are some tips to help you use hashtags for post date and time.

First, use tags. Tumblr tags are highly legible. When someone searches for your post, the tag they type will help them find your post. If your post date and time are not visible, use spaces between the tags. Make sure that you separate the hashtags with commas. You can use a lot of hashtags to promote your post, but don’t overdo it.

Creating viral posts on Tumblr

Creating viral posts on Tumblr is easier than ever! With automatic sharing capabilities, you can make your posts go viral automatically on social media! Give your visitors easy sharing options so that they can share your content with their friends. People love to share their favorite posts with their friends, so you want to make it as easy as possible for them to do this! Below are a few tips for creating viral posts on Tumblr.

– Use engaging content. People can’t help but engage with visual content. This means a post must be interesting and fun! Try to entertain people, even if it is just for a few seconds. Try creating a meme or a fun photo that has a positive message, such as the famous Damn Daniel. It will surely go viral and inspire many to share your content. However, do not forget to include a link to the original post.

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