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How to Catch Tornadus in Pokemon GO

ByJohn Amelia

Apr 20, 2022
How to Catch Tornadus in Pokemon GO

If you’re wondering how to catch tornadus in Pokemon GO, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you how to stun this elusive Pokemon. This guide is not complete without the correct timing, so use it wisely. First, go to the ocean area. Then, approach the Thundurus by throwing Poke Balls. To catch Tornadus, throw stunning items at it. Then, you can lure it away with a few stunning items.

Stun a whirlwind

To stun a whirlwind to catch Tornadus, you must first remove its shield. After three successful throws, its shield will vanish. Stun items will be your best friend during this battle because you will need to deal with its special attacks to stop it from using its Bleakwind Storm, which deals Flying-type damage and causes frostbite. Also, you can use Hurricane or Crunch to safely reduce its HP.

Tornadus is found in Alabaster Icelands and is easiest to catch when the weather is stormy. The snowstorm will create the perfect conditions for the Tornadus to appear. The white wind will also camouflage the Tornadus against the snow. If you do not encounter a Tornadus during a storm, try to force the weather to cycle.

To avoid this storm, head to the Bonechill Wastes in Cobalt Coastlands. Tornadus will only appear if the weather is stormy. You can also use your Braviary to fly behind the Forces of Nature genie for safety. If you are unable to catch Tornadus in a storm, try resting at a camp and waiting for the right weather.

After the storm, the Excadrill uses Focus Blast and focuses on the smoke from the fire to conjure thunder. After the rain, the Thunder is negated by Stunfisk’s Mud Bomb, allowing Tornadus to use Air Slash and Hurricane. In addition to Air Slash, the Tornadus also uses Bullet Seed to attack the team. Afterward, Lewis, Iris, and Ash use Thunderbolt to stun the Tornadus.

Once you catch Tornadus, you will find all the other Forces of Nature Pokemon in the game. After catching them, you can complete the Forces of Hisui request. Tornadus can be found in Landorus, Thundurus, and Crimson Mirelands, so the quest is a great one to complete. There are also many other locations to find this powerful Pokemon.

Stun a tornadus

Tornadus is the third member of the Force of Nature Trio, a giant green creature with purple and yellow arms. It can be easily stunned using Poke Balls or Ultra Balls. If you are looking for the best Poke Ball to use against the legendary Pokemon, check out our guide to the different types of Poke Balls in World of Warcraft. You can also use mud balls and smoke to counter the Tornadus’ Bleakwind Storm, which deals Flying-type damage, and can cause frostbite. Stun a tornadus with a False Swipe is a safe way to reduce its HP.

Tornadus is a legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO. It has been seen as far back as the ancient days, and its ability to fly is its strongest suit. Its tail can also create mini-whirlwinds to knock down enemies and surround itself with a cloud shield. It is the only Pokemon in the game to learn the move Bleakwind Storm. This move increases its damage output by 50%.

Tornadus is part of the Incarnate Forces of Hisui request, which becomes available after completing Mission 26: Seeking the Remaining Plates. The Tornadus will only be found in the blizzard area of the Bonechill Wastes, and can also be used to strengthen the party. It can also boost attacks by 10%, which can be useful if you have to battle a strong enemy like a Tornadus.

Tornadus and Skyla are both legendary Pokemon. Both are capable of harassing the enemy in a unique way, and Skyla is often used alongside a stronger attacker. In some instances, it can even be useful on a single stage as Skyla & Tornadus are both capable of maintaining a fast pace. As far as their role in the Legendary Arena is concerned, it’s a solid choice.

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