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How to Change the Transmission Fluid in Your 2008 Toyota Camry

ByJohn Amelia

Mar 28, 2022
How to Change the Transmission Fluid in Your 2008 Toyota Camry

There are many reasons to change the transmission fluid in your 2008 Toyota Camry, but one of the most important is to save money. Trans fluid is very expensive, and if you do not keep up with its maintenance, you can end up paying thousands of dollars in repair bills. To save money on your next oil change, add a half-quart of new transmission liquid to your vehicle. Changing the transmission fluid isn’t as hard as you might think – here are three easy steps.

Where Do You Put Transmission Fluid In A 2008 Toyota Camry?

The first step is to drain the old transmission fluid from the pan and replace it with fresh. It will remain in the transmission oil lines and torque converter, but it will not affect the performance of your Camry. Make sure the new fluid is dark red or brown. If the old fluid is brown or orange, you should completely flush the car with four quarts of new oil. Then, test the 2008 Toyota Camry transmission fluid by driving the vehicle.

Next, check your Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor/Switch ‘D’. Your Toyota Camry engine controls the transmission fluid and sets the OBDII code when it is not within factory specifications. To make sure your 2008 Toyota Camry’s fluid is at its optimal levels, check the pressure sensor/switch ‘D’ periodically. If it’s too low, replace the entire unit.

How Do You Check The Transmission Fluid On A 2008 Toyota Camry?

  • To check your Transmission Fluid, use a quality car diagnostic tool.
  • This tool is able to measure ATF pressure in the transmission and give you a precise reading.
  • Then, check the oil level in the engine.
  • If the engine is cold, add more fluid and test again.
  • It’s best to replace the oil every few years.
  • If it’s too high, you’ll have to replace the entire transmission.

How Much Transmission Fluid Does A 2008 Camry Hold?

If your transmission fluid is too low, you can use the pump-assisted technique to change the fluid. For this, insert a 12v electric pump fill tube into the side service port located in the fill bolt hole. The Sienna also needs to be disassembled. This will give you access to the ATF return line. You can then perform the procedure on your Camry. If you don’t have access to the ATF return line, you can disconnect the air intake leading to the air filter box.

To check your transmission fluid, you can look through the dipstick. The dipstick will show red or orange when the transmission is hot. The dipstick will also tell you how much fluid is left. To test your clutch, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer’s manual. If the dipstick doesn’t show red, it’s time to change the fluid. After three changes, the transmission fluid should be completely warm.

ATF is different than the transmission fluid flush. In a drain and fill method, you must drain the torque converter first before removing the old transmission fluid. Using a wrench, remove the hose clamp. In order to access the torque converter, you should turn off the engine. Once you have removed the transmission, you can install a new ATF reservoir. You can also replace the hoses and re-connect the two lines.

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