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How to Complete Millfields, Shifting Sands, Mourningwood Fort, and More!

ByJohn Amelia

May 9, 2022
How to Complete Millfields, Shifting Sands, Mourningwood Fort, and More!

fable 3 quest listThe Fable 3 quest list is quite extensive. If you’re struggling to complete it, you can use our guide to complete the side quests. It will show you how to get to Millfields, Shifting Sands, Morningwood Fort, and more! It will make finding your next quest much easier! The following articles will explain the various locations in the game and give you tips on completing them!

How to get to Millfields

First, you must visit the town of Millfields to find Katie, who is hiding behind a demon door. You can also obtain the Factory Gate Key from a locked gate on the alley between a pub and the sewer entrance. Once inside, you will find a portrait of Theresa, a beautiful young woman. You need a dog of level 5 to find it. The portrait will help you complete the quest and let you use spells to deal with the enemies.

From Bowerstone, head towards the lake and then take the path towards Stonehenge. The stone circle represents the city of Millfields, and you will need to destroy the mercenaries there before you can enter. The gnome will appear near the statue in the Plaza and he can be found in the terraced garden near the old bridge. After you have destroyed the mercenaries, head to the Millfields area.

How to get to Shifting Sands

If you have a hard time finding places to go in Fable 3, you can find the best way to do this quest from Aurora. The Shifting Sands are outside the walls of the city. To get there, head north and then go through the stairwell to your left. You will find a crate and shovel in the area. You can also find rare books, Gnomes, and Silver Keys in this region.

The ruined dunes of Shifting Sands are a mysterious place. A businessman named Aurora awaits you here. This location is unlocked and will require you to find the 4,000 gold key. It’s a strange and mysterious place that you must explore if you want to find this quest. It’s a long and tricky path to traverse, but it’s well worth the effort.

How to defeat Hobbes

If you are stuck on a questline in Fable 3 and want to know how to defeat Hobbes, the following tips will come in handy. First, remember that Hobbes is not a real threat – they usually group up with three of their kind. Hobbes can be defeated using ranged attacks and magic. But if you are going for melee, there are other methods as well, such as rolling away.

The first way is to talk to the author of Millfields. He will ask you to find the cave where you can defeat the hobbies. He believes that you can reason with the hobbies, which will be helpful in the future. You’ll also be able to get various collectibles from this cave, which are worth a look. Once you’ve defeated the hobbies, you’ll be rewarded with a silver key that will open the chest.

How to get to Mourningwood Fort

Mourningwood Fort is a fortress in the Mourningwood region in Fable 3. It is the headquarters of Major Swift and his Swift Brigade, who will join the revolution after you complete the quest. King Logan sent them to this fortress to battle the Hollow Men. Without a prince/princess to lead them, they would have died fighting these hollow men.

Once inside Mourningwood, you will find a Silver Key in one of the ruins. Open this treasure chest with a melee weapon or a Fireball spell. Inside the Silver Key, you will find the Legendary Weapon. Once you have the Legendary Weapon, you can proceed to the Mourningwood Ossuary. You can also find a flit switch in this location.

To enter the Demon Door, you must be level 5 in melee and ranged. Then, stand in front of the Demon Door with your weapon. You will need to have a Level 5 ranged weapon in order to open the door. To access the Demon Door, you must have the level five skills in each weapon. This is a difficult quest, but worth it if you have the right equipment.

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