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How to Get a Sup3r5 PS5 Pre Order!

ByJohn Amelia

Sep 8, 2022
How to Get a Sup3r5 PS5 Pre Order!

If you’ve been looking for a retro-styled modified console, the SUP3R5 PS5 is a great option. It has an all-black retro design and will fit the newest PS5. Unfortunately, the SUP3R5 is currently sold out online, but it will be back when things settle down. In the meantime, here are some of the best ways to get one now.

Brand will be selling black PS5 panels:

Dbrand is making black PS5 panels, called Darkplates. The new panels will replace the side and middle faceplates on the console. The company demonstrates how to remove them in its teardown video. Darkplates are available for both disc and digital editions of the PS5. Both versions are customizable, and the Dbrand website lists different customization options. For now, the disc version is available. The digital faceplates are ‘coming soon.’

Sup3r5 ps5 is a retro-inspired modified console:

The Sup3r5 PS5 is a retro-inspired modified PlayStation 5 that’s not officially sanctioned by Sony. The company is selling the retro-themed console for $749 digitally and $849 for the disc-based version. Unlike some other PS5 kits, Sup3r5’s isn’t manufactured by Sony, so it’s not available in every store. If you’re looking to purchase a retro-themed PS5 for yourself, check out the retro-inspired PlayStation 5 from SUP3r5 for a limited time.

Sup3r5 says it received “credible threats”:

SUP3R5 has taken down its social media pages, but has not explained why. It’s unclear if it is simply due to the fact that Sony hasn’t given it the proper licensing or if it has received credible threats. The company has yet to explain the alleged reasons for the cancellation, but if it’s for the reasons that SUP3R5 has cited, it’s a good reason.

It sold out in seconds:

One of the most controversial custom PlayStation 5 consoles ever to be released sold out in seconds. The black PS5 was created by Sup3r5 and only 304 were produced, along with 500 DualSense controllers. After a massive backlash from users and threats of termination, the company canceled the pre order and issued refunds to its customers. It is still unclear why the limited edition consoles sold out so quickly.

It was more expensive than the real MSRP:

The SUP3R5 PlayStation 5 has created quite a stir with its retro design. It is more than $150 more expensive than Sony’s white PS5 and even has a limited edition version, priced at $649 for digital and $749 for disc. The normal digital and standard editions sell for $399 and $499, respectively. Both the SUP3R5 and the PlayStation 5 are scheduled to ship sometime in 2021.

It was not approved by Sony PlayStation:

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan ordered staff to respect the opinions of others, but hasn’t given the company his approval to make statements on abortion. The company’s position on the issue is based on its opposition to the US Supreme Court’s proposal to overturn Roe v. Wade. Insomniac CEO Ted Price has told staff that there would be material repercussions if their statements were approved.

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