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How to Get Rid of a Power Button Stuck on Your iPod

ByJohn Amelia

Mar 18, 2022
How to Get Rid of a Power Button Stuck on Your iPod

If you’ve had your power button stuck on your iPod for a while, you may want to take it apart and clean it to remove the problem. However, sometimes the power button gets stiff and will no longer actuate. In these cases, it’s best to clean the unit instead.How to Get Rid of a Power Button Stuck on Your iPod  You can also tap the buttons a few times to loosen them. Lastly, avoid dropping or letting your iPod touch get wet, as this could damage the buttons.

How To Fix Stuck Power Button On iPod?

Clean A Stuck Button:

To clean a stuck power button on your iPod, you can try using a toothbrush. A soft brush will help you remove dust and grime, while a q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol will help remove sticky film. The solution dries quickly and is safe for external use. If the solution does not work, it might be necessary to replace the entire unit. To do this, you can contact an Apple-certified service center.

If you do not have a local repair center, you can visit uBreakiFix. A professional technician can diagnose the problem and determine whether or not you need to replace the power button. The company offers a low-cost guarantee, a 90-day warranty, and a newsletter. Whether you need your power button fixed or want to buy a new one, uBreakiFix can fix it. You can find a repair center near you by browsing the uBreakiFix website.


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