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How to Prevent Your PlayStation 5 From Overheating

ByJohn Amelia

Jun 25, 2022
How to Prevent Your PlayStation 5 From Overheating

If you’ve experienced PS5 overheating, you’re not alone. The system is designed to automatically shut down if it gets too hot, but you can help your console stay cool by installing additional components. To cool down your PS5, you can try to use an external cooling fan, improve your ventilation space, and add a heatsink coating. If you can’t install an external cooling fan, you should consider using an air cooler.

Keeping your PS5 cool

Keeping your PS5 cool to prevent overheating is an essential part of gamer life. No electronic device like a PlayStation 5 can survive intense use for long periods of time without adequate ventilation. To prevent this from happening, keep your PS5 on a cool platform, away from the heat-generating elements of your home. Avoid putting your PS5 on a floor or table, as this will lead to excessive dust buildup, which can cause your system to overheat. Clean the vents with compressed air or microfiber cloth. Keeping your PS5 under a ceiling fan will help to keep it cool even during long gaming sessions. If the problem persists, contact Sony Customer Support for assistance. You will be asked to provide a variety of information, which will help to identify the issue.

If your PS5 is constantly being overheated, make sure to clean the air vents. This fan can attract dust and tiny pieces of fabric. If the vents are clogged, the console will have trouble keeping itself cool. If the vents are clogged, they will overheat and cause damage. Before cleaning the vents, make sure to unplug your PS5 and touch its door handle to remove any static.

Ventilation space

PlayStation 5 overheating can be a problem when you use it intensely for hours at a time. Even though it will warm up naturally, too much can damage the device and signal a game over. To prevent this problem, you should place your PlayStation 5 on a cold platform at a distance of four inches from the wall. Make sure that the vents are clean and free from dust. Vacuuming the vents is also not recommended, as it creates an electrical field that can damage the fans.

When you’re not playing games, you can keep the PlayStation 5 in an upright position for optimal ventilation. This way, the air vents will work efficiently and prevent the device from overheating. Do not store it horizontally, as this will interfere with the cooling system. Do not store it on top of books or other objects. Place it on a separate shelf away from any other items. Make sure to keep the PlayStation 5 out of dusty areas as this will hinder the cooling system’s ability to function properly.

Heatsink coating

If you’ve recently bought a PS5 or are considering purchasing one, you’ve probably wondered whether the PS5’s new heatsink is to blame for the overheating issue. The new PS5 has a smaller heatsink, which is 0.6 pounds lighter than the original. Unfortunately, the smaller heatsink doesn’t dissipate heat as well as the original, so your PS5 might run slightly hotter. Here’s what you need to know.

One of the biggest causes of overheating on the PlayStation 5 is dust accumulation. You should vacuum the dust off the console, but don’t use a vacuum cleaner – it can cause more damage. Instead, use compressed air or a microfiber cloth to clean the vents. If you can’t clean the heatsink thoroughly, place the PS5 under a ceiling fan running to help keep it cool during long gaming sessions. If all of these measures fail to reduce the problem, contact Sony Support and ask them to send you a replacement unit.

External cooling fan

One way to fix a PS5 overheating problem is to buy an external cooling fan. PS5s naturally warm up when they play, so it’s important to keep them cool. If you’ve noticed that your PS5 is overheating, there are several simple solutions. You can clean the fan, take your console to a service centre, or simply change its settings. If you notice that your PS5 has a red warning light, it may be overheating. To check if the fan is working, turn the console off and clean the unit thoroughly.

PS5s can overheat because of the warm operating environment. Air-cooled machines can’t maintain their efficiency in hot environments, and they can easily reach temperatures of 90C (or 194 degrees Fahrenheit), which is far too hot for gaming. To get around this, you can buy an external cooling fan for PS5.

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