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How to Travel From Bowie, MD to Washington, DC

ByJohn Amelia

Mar 17, 2022
How to Travel From Bowie, MD to Washington, DC

Driving from Bowie, MD to Washington, DC can be as short as a few hours. Depending on traffic, the distance can be as long as four hours, or as short as three hours. You can find out how much time you’ll need by using our calculator below. How to Travel From Bowie MD to Washington DC You can also see a driving distance calculation if you’d like to include stops along the way. There are many places in Maryland and Washington, DC that are within easy driving distance from each other, including the United States National Arboretum.

Is Bowie MD On The Metro?

For travelers looking for a midpoint stop, you may consider East Riverdale, which is 10 minutes west of Bowie and 17 minutes from Washington. If you’d prefer a train or bus to get to the district, you can also check out Coral Hills, MD, which is about half an hour from the city. You can also go to Greenbelt, MD, for a similar experience. While traveling to the District from Bowie, MD, it’s important to plan ahead and find the best times for your trip.

How Far Apart Are Maryland And Washington, DC?

Take the I-295 S to the National Mall. After you’ve entered the country’s capital, turn right and follow signs to Washington, DC. After exiting the tunnel, take I-295 S to Washington, DC. This route is short and direct and will get you to the National Mall in just over an hour. There are several stops on the way, but it is recommended to carpool. After boarding your bus, meet the other riders at the Center for Learning and Technology building.

How To Calculate The Cost Of Driving From Bowie, MD To Washington, DC?

You can calculate the cost of driving to and from Bowie, MD to Washington, DC using current local gas prices and your car’s estimated best gas mileage. If you’re meeting a friend for coffee or lunch, you might want to calculate the distance to the halfway point. If you’d prefer to fly, you can get an accurate estimate of the straight-line distance between these two points by looking at flight times.

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