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How to Trick a Diamond Tester!

ByJohn Amelia

Nov 1, 2022
How to Trick a Diamond Tester!

The test to determine whether a loose gemstone is a diamond involves dropping it into a glass of water. Different types of stones can fog up and stay opaque for varying amounts of time, depending on ambient temperature and humidity. To perform a fog test, drop a loose gem into a glass and watch it sink or float. A diamond will float much more slowly than an imitation, but certain types of stones like cubic zirconia and glass will sink much faster.

Using a ruler:

One way to fool a diamond tester is to manipulate the measurements of a gemstone with a ruler. Most rulers come with 32 corners, but a few of them may be curved. Using a ruler to fool a tester will not yield the desired result. The first step is to select a ruler that is sized properly. Then, click the “Adjust Angle After Fixed” checkbox on the ruler tool’s toolbar.

Using a loupe:

One method of fooling a diamond tester is to use a fake stone. A fake stone will not reflect light like a real diamond. However, if a diamond tester looks closely, it can be easily spotted. However, it is not impossible to trick the diamond tester by using a loupe. Several steps must be taken before the test can be performed. Listed below are the steps involved.

Using a dot test:

To cheat a diamond tester, you can use a small piece of white paper with a dot printed on it. Place a small stone on the piece of paper and examine it through a pointed tip. If you see a faint blur or an unsightly pattern, your diamond probably isn’t a real one. A fake diamond is likely to have been made from a synthetic substance, so you’ll have to spend more to get a real stone.

Using a diamond selector:

The best way to trick a diamond tester is to buy a fake one and place it on the stone you’d like to test. The selector will come with a glass jar containing a sensitivity chart and a small needle-like light segment. The test will indicate whether the stone is a diamond or not, by flashing a few segments at different temperatures. If it detects a diamond, it will produce a beep and appear as a diamond on the tester’s display. Some diamond selectors use electricity instead of heat, while others combine the two. The test will tell you if the stone is a real one or not.

Using a flashlight:

A flashlight can be used to fool a diamond tester. Originally, this method was used with newspapers. However, it is not as effective if you have a well-cut, loose diamond. If your diamond does not show any text through it, you may want to use another method. You can use a small dot. A diamond that does not show anything will be a synthetic one.

Using a point of comparison:

A point of comparison is a useful tool for identifying lower-grade diamonds. When examined under magnification, a diamond will usually show a small piece of carbon or a white feather-like spot. Diamonds with no inclusions are synthetic. Mosesanite, for example, is a synthetic diamond. If the tester does not notice these features, then the diamond is fake.

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