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How to Use VinPit to Determine the Market Value of Your Car!

ByJohn Amelia

Aug 28, 2022
How to Use VinPit to Determine the Market Value of Your Car!

To determine the market value of your vehicle, you should visit VinPit. This website searches past vehicle sales to determine what the vehicle is currently worth. To use VinPit, all you need to enter is the vehicle’s 17-character VIN. The website will then display the information associated with the VIN. In this example, you will need to know the original equipment manufacturer and the date of the vehicle’s last check. If you’re wondering what that number means, read on.

Vehicle history report:

The free VIN history report provided by VinPit can help you avoid purchasing a car with a poor service record, as well as fraud dealers and salvaged vehicles. The reports are also helpful in identifying any red flags with a car’s ownership. To get the report, you must enter the VIN number of the vehicle you want to purchase into the vehicle history report bar, and then press the “sart search” button.

Vehicle descriptor section:

The first three digits of a vehicle’s VIN make up the World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI). These represent the country of origin, while the second and third digits stand for the manufacturer. A Chevrolet truck VIN will display ‘C’ as its manufacturer. The fourth to eighth digits represent the car’s engine, body, and other characteristics. The ninth digit identifies the vehicle’s model year.

Original equipment manufacturer:

VinPit is a website that allows you to find out the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of a car. This information is compiled from various sources including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This government agency’s goal is to prevent automobile accidents and fatalities. It is responsible for publishing all vehicle data and has a large database to find out this information. VinPit also checks previous sale records of a vehicle.

Date of last check:

In order to perform a VIN search, all you need to do is enter the VIN of the car into the website. Once you’ve done this, you’ll receive an extensive report. The website’s database is vast, but not exhaustive, so it’s unlikely to include every record available. However, the service will be a great help in making an informed decision when purchasing a vehicle. Here are some things to consider before using VinPit.


If you want to know the exact market value of your car, then you must know its VIN number. Fortunately, VinPit can provide you with the information. Its extensive database includes information from all over the world, including the National Motor Vehicle Title and Insurance Service (NMVTIS) databases. This database gets regular updates, ensuring the accuracy of its data. Its website is user-friendly and offers three levels of services, including vehicle history reports.

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