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IFVOD and IFVOD Alternatives – The Best App For Chinese Movies and TV Shows in 2022

ByJohn Amelia

Aug 10, 2022
IFVOD and IFVOD Alternatives – The Best App For Chinese Movies and TV Shows in 2022

The next evolution of television is Internet TV. Streaming has taken over the entertainment landscape and has become the new normal, with couch potatoes likelier to have some sort of streaming stick or TV to mobile phone connection than cable TV.

TV in 2022 isn’t locked into physical screens any longer. Viewers can view their favorite shows and movies on various mobile devices such as notebook PCs, tablets, and mobile phones (made for Apple iOS or Android OS).

With so many streaming options out there, it might get tough figuring out which ones are the best for your specific needs. Why not avail of IFVOD TV? Here’s the deal when it comes to IFVOD movies.

Watch Free Chinese Movies and TV Shows on Your Mobile Device

IFVOD is a TV-on-demand, movie-on-demand, or video-on-demand service provider for Chinese shows and films galore. They cater to both the local Asian market and the foreign western market, particularly the English-speaking contingent of places like North America and Europe.

The main appeal of IFVOD is to give English-speaking viewers an alternative to Hollywood or even Bollywood for viewers in the Indian continent. It’s a culturally enriching experience, to say the least!

  • On-Demand Chinese Videos with Offline Download Option: IFVOD gives you the chance to view online Chinese TV in subtitles and so forth, and you can even download various programs on your PC or mobile phone for viewing offline or without an Internet connection later on.
  • Quality Servers with Good Speed: IFVOD TV also gives subscribers some decent streaming speed and quality comparable to the top VOD providers on the planet, which are Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and even the likes of Peacock, Disney+, and HBO Max.
  • A Fresh Lineup Every Time: Even though first-time watchers of Asian or Chinese cinema and TV will probably view all the IFVOD offerings as fresh and new, the service is also quite dependable when it comes to changing channel lineups to keep things nice and fresh.
  • Something New: If you’re bored of the same old limited menu of shows available on Netflix (such as Stranger Things) or Amazon Prime Video (such as The Boys), IFVOD is the answer! IFOVD is one of the most popular streaming services out there that comes straight from China.

Access to More Than 900 Videos from Past and Present

IFVOD TV practically serves as a running and scalable archive of Chinese television and movies, from Hong Kong flicks to Taiwan cinema as well as the burgeoning Mainland Chinese entertainment industry. Their international-grade offerings are now at center stage!

It offers action, drama, suspense, horror, news, sports, animation, award winners, and more. Bring home the excitement—IFVOD TV gives you the chance to watch the whole program or whole series at your own leisure.

  • Everything is on the Table: 900 TV shows and movies from past and present as well as original shows galore all in your fingertips—what’s not to like? Furthermore, you’ll get to have an introduction to the Chinese entertainment industry with such a bevy of options.
  • Everything You Can Do with Netflix You Can Do with IFVOD: You can watch part of a program, the whole episode, multiple episodes, or binge on multiple season spanning years. It’s all possible with IFVOD since it follows the same VOD format as Netflix.
  • Everything Contained within a Mobile App: IFVOD is the VOD version of a famous Chinese channel, kind of like their version of Peacock or Disney+ for NBC and Disney Channel respectively. Like both services, you’ll gain access to their library of films and shows galore.
  • Everything for Curiosity’s Sake: Have you ever been curious about the offerings of the Chinese market? Perhaps you wish to try out Asian cinema for a change, the same way you’d go for Chinese takeout every time you’re tired of eating fast food care of McDonald’s or Burger King!

IFVOD Alternatives

IFVOD is a platform that lets you watch Chinese movies on your TV. The platform has over 3,000 movies and has been rapidly growing in popularity. Ifvod is a streaming service that lets you watch Chinese movies on your TV. It is quickly becoming popular with the rise of movie streaming services like Netflix. Ifvod has over 3,000 movies to choose from and it offers some exclusive content as well and here are its alternatives.

1. Careerengine.Us
2. Xiaohongshu.Com
3. China-Consulate.Org
4. Duboku.Tv
5. Bilibili.Com
6. Mp4ba.Cc
7. Duonaolive.Com
8. Uscreditcardguide.Com
9. Duonao6.Cc
10. Zxzj.Me
11. Dadatutu.Com
12. Qpvod.Com
13. Wenxuecitycom
14. Ifun.Tv
15. 1tvfun4u.Com
16. 66s.Cc
17. Leagueofmovie.Com
18. Storynest.Com
19. Devtv2022.Org
20. Ifuns.Tv
21. Chineseinla.Com
22. Pangzitv.Com
23. 1905.Com
24. Toutiao8news.Com
25. Dngame.Eu
26. Hadtvfun.Co
27. Jiszyy.Cc
28. Tortvd.Com
29. Cmdy5.Com
30. 1090ys.Com
31. Hxmeishi.Com
32. Myotu.Com
33. Dn-Vod.Tv
34. Tvpanda.Com
35. 99ranch.Com
36. Icdrama.To
37. 49gm.Org
38. Anafurniture.Com
39. Hotbak.Net
40. Mumayi.Net
41. Nolabel.Com.Pl
42. Haiwaiyy.Com
43. Ifod.Net
44. Ddrk.Me
45. Zerofatality.Com
46. Duonaotv.Com
47. Meishichina.Com
48. 15funtv.Com
49. Hwhrq.Com
50. Olatv.Net
51. Freshgogo.Com
52. XI720.Com
53. Liudediy.Com
54. Mfa.Gov.Cn
55. Sandro-Paris.Com
56. Huaren4us.Com
57. Dnvod.Eu
58. Opevod.Com
59. Have8.Tv
60. Qdramas.Net
61. Duonao.Tv
62. Zhihu.Com
63. Latam-Business.Com
64. Klucz.Ketrzyn.Pl
65. Dnlive.Tv
66. Yyx.Me
67. Dealmoon.Com
68. Sayweee.Com
69. Jujutv.Com
70. Wtraveltogether.Com
71. Xunlei.Com
72. Starwanmeigo.Com
73. Duonao.Com
74. Wellonsland.Com
75. Timegate.Vip
76. Hao123.It
77. Weiming.Info
78. Ifvod.Tv
79. Kriengkrai.Com
80. Xlf.Altervista.Org
81. Kuaila.Com
82. Olevod.Com
83. 333tv.Com
84. Jiqimao.Tv
85. Miolive.Tv
86. 6parknews.Com
87. 360kan.Com
88. 91mjw.Com
89. Yamiby.Com
90. Juji.Tv
91. Tv2012s.Com
92. 14tv.Com
93. 1point3acres.Com
94. Dnwod.Tv
95. Hpbts.Com
96. Icdramatv.Org
97. 2222tv.Com
98. Duonao.Cc
99. Duboku.Net
100. Guruin.Com
101. Alexanderwang.Com
102. Moonbbs.Com
103. Shuspieler.Com
104. Mitbbs.Com
105. Tvfun56.Com
106. Xiachufang.Com
107. 97riju.Net
108. Mp4tv.Com
109. Bd-Film.Cc
110. Mojhufuntv.Org
111. 2012id.Org
112. Jixun.Moe
113. Huaren.Us
114. Nbps.Org
115. Dandanzan.Com
116. Inmi.Tv
117. Ouhvod.Com
118. Dy2018.Com
119. Anygate.Vip
120. 88ys.Com

The Pros and Cons of IFVOD

The IFVOD service is based on one of the international TV channels making waves and representing China and Asia the same way Telemundo represents Spanish speakers. It has gained popularity among the general public as the premier source of Chinese entertainment content.

IFVOD is popping off with its own brand of videos that are gaining traction all over the world. Indeed, the best features of IFVOD app are as follows:

  • HD Quality: Topnotch Chinese and Asian programming available in 1080p Full HD.
  • Multiple Shows: You can gain access to more than 90 modern TV shows and up to 900 films from many different eras.
  • Available for Free: Like Hulu originally, IFVOD currently offers its content library to users free without purchasing any subscriptions.
  • Instant Accessibility: You can easily access IFVOD app download and users can get it relatively quickly. It’s accessible to everyone who has the Internet.
  • Legit and Scam-Free: SCAM-ADVISOR has given this website an excellent rating. Sites with a rating of at least 80% are considered safe.
  • Available as Paid: When getting the paid version, you can expand your library of 90 shows and 900 movies into thousands of titles all-in-all.
  • It’s Simply Different: Open your eyes to a whole new world of entertainment compared to the usual fare of Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and so forth.
  • No Long-Term Commitments: You won’t get additional costs or get forced into a long-term commitment when paying for IFVOD. Pay as long as you want it.
  • Unique Culture: Chinese culture differs from Hollywood culture, so its movie industry trends haven’t, for example, been taken over completely by superhero blockbuster films.
  • Variety: Sure, it’s a specific brand of VOD provider with entertainment resources from China, but those resources have variety in terms of genre, demographics, and topics covered.
  • Intriguing: It’s intriguing in more ways than one. It works with a multitude of devices like Netflix and Hulu but can also provide English subtitled content from China that neither service has access to.
  • World-Renowned: IFVOD TV is renowned for its high-quality Chinese programming featuring only the cream-of-the-crop shows to come out of China and Asia that even English speakers can appreciate.
  • Download 8 Shows at Once: You can download 8 shows at once (or 8 episodes from said shows), thus allowing you to binge at what China or Asia has to offer even when you’re offline or disconnected from the Internet!
  • Rewatch Your Favorite Shows on Network TV: The likes of AMC, CNN, Showtime, NBC, and CNN give you instant access to their most popular shows for rewatching on their VOD platforms. The same principle applies to IFVOD TV.
  • Ample Content: You’d be hard-pressed to end up with reruns or limited offers even when it comes to the free version of IFVOD because it lets you gain access to 900 free titles or thousands more if you pay the one-time subscription fee.
  • Get Access to Brand New Releases Before Anyone Else: Once you become an avid watcher of Chinese cinema and TV, you’d want to gain access to them before anyone else. Subscribe to them to get their content 48 hours earlier than pay television!
  • Not Only TV Shows and Movies: You can also get your news from the channel as well as thousands of hours of footage of live concert performances from Asia’s top bands or talent and thousands of music videos galore only available to paid members.
  • Stream Quickly: You can stream quickly from all your preferred places or devices. You can login to your account via IFVOD mobile apps or get a Roku and watch it on your HDTV. You can also login straight from Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu, and CBS All-Access for good measure!
  • It’s Excellent Whether for Free or Paid: You can get good recaps of Chinese or Asian TV shows from all over the continent in the free version with its 900 videos available. You can go up to 5,000 titles when you avail of the paid version. It’s content up the wazoo regardless!
  • Watch Whatever You Want Whenever You Want: This is more of a “generic” benefit, but it’s a benefit for all streaming services nonetheless. In lieu of TiVo, you can now watch Chinese or Asian content whenever you want and in whatever fashion you want (e.g., series binging).

In terms of downsides, there’s only a handful, and it includes the following.

  • Production Values: Hollywood has million-dollar production values while other movie studios around the world tend to pale in comparison, China included.
  • User Interface: Not everyone approves of the user interface of IFVOD movies, particularly foreigners who are expecting something more like the Netflix app or any Roku GUI.
  • Culture Clash: A bit of a culture clash might occur from one audience to another in light of cultural differences between Asian norms, Latino norms, Westerner norms, and so forth.
  • You’ve Never Heard of Their Offerings: Strictly popular among Asian countries or Chinese audiences, the chances of English speakers never even hearing of IFVOD shows are pretty high.
  • Lost in Translation: While the translations of the videos are decently done to suit English-speaking or Spanish-speaking audiences, some cultural nuances and slang might get lost in translation.
  • Pretty Generic: The VOD or streaming market has indeed become saturated, and aside from offering Chinese movies and TV shows, IFVOD does come off as pretty generic according to several reviewers.
  • Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea: Not everyone likes Chinese-made movies and TV shows, whether they’re from the Mainland, Taiwan, or Hong Kong. It’s a matter of personal preference. Some people even hate subtitles as a matter of principle!

Customer Reviews

According to the many customer reviews of IFVOD, it truly is the Chinese version of Netflix the same way BritBox is the British version of Netflix. In particular, like the English-speaking consumers of BritBox or the VOD platforms of Animax, customers go for IFVOD mainly as an affordable alternative.

  • Language Barrier Concerns: While it’s more renowned for its Mandarin-speaking or Cantonese-speaking audience, it’s also breaching ground with the western population. It has subtitles available for other countries to boot.
  • A Multitude of Different Markets: The very markets that IFVOD app ios caters to will surprise its own foreign customers. Americans and Britons might be surprised it’s available in Spanish for Latin countries, while Latinos or Spaniards might be surprised of its English-speaking market.
  • Completely Free to Use: Most of the customers who’ve rated the app quite highly approve of how it’s mostly free to use and has affordable pay options similar to those of renowned VOD innovator Hulu. You can try it out and stick with it if you like it.
  • High-Definition Options: Another benefit echoed by customers of IFVOD is its wealth of HD options. No, it doesn’t offer anything 4K or 60Fps, but those are a minority of shows and most people view Full HD 1080p as the HD standard in 2022 anyway.
  • Main Complaints: The main complaints of those who’ve availed of IFVOD and iyf tv mostly cover a handful of technical issues and anything that’s lost in translation. However, as the English consumer base increases, so too does the quality of IFVOD’s translation team.
  • High Ratings across the Board: Naturally, all the native Chinese speakers approve of the app and VOD service. However, articles like this have come along because the makers of IFVOD drama have also gained positive customer feedback from English-speaking markets too.

Final Thoughts

This is one of the best or even only mobile apps that offer you a central hub for quality Asian or Chinese cinema content. Those who’ve never watched anything directly from Mainland China, Shanghai, Hong Kong, or Taiwan are in for a treat. It offers a multitude of ifsp TV shows, dramas, comedies, movies, and so forth. You’ll get to view Chinese news at it happens, even. You’ll get updated with the latest trends in Chinese cinema, or familiarize yourself with modern Chinese culture.


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