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IOS 14.6 Battery Drain Fix!

ByJohn Amelia

Oct 10, 2022
IOS 14.6 Battery Drain Fix!

If you’ve been experiencing battery drain with your iPhone, iOS 14.6 could be the cause. The new internal upgrades are causing the iPhone battery to drain faster than ever. After the update, excessive draining can continue. The problem is even worse for your Apple Watch, which is now causing the battery on your iPhone to drain even faster. There are several ways to fix this problem. Follow the steps below to solve your battery problems with iOS 14.6, and you’ll soon see a long-lasting battery life.

Resetting iPhone’s network settings:

If you’re experiencing problems with cellular and wireless connectivity on your iPhone, resetting your network settings might be the solution. This process will erase all network-related settings and restore the device to its original Factory Default Settings. The only thing you can’t do is delete all the data on your iPhone. You can, however, use it to fix battery drain that you’re experiencing. Luckily, resetting all settings won’t erase any of your personal information.

Resetting iPhone’s network settings can fix the battery drain problem in many cases. When the device is constantly plugged in, the network adapter uses more power than it needs to. If this happens, you can remove the network adapter and reconnect to the same network. Alternatively, you can try turning off the motion coprocessor in Settings, Privacy, and Motion & Fitness. If you are still experiencing battery drain after updating to iOS 16 beta, try resetting your network settings. This will not wipe your data, but you’ll have to reenter your passwords if you have any.

Disabling podcasts:

The most obvious IOS 14.6 battery drain fix involves turning off the Podcasts app. However, the Podcasts app has numerous bugs and is notorious for draining battery. In order to fix the issue, users can temporarily replace the app with Overcast. If this doesn’t work, users should uninstall the app and reinstall it. That will fix the problem. After removing the app, users should restart their devices and check the show settings.

Another way to fix the battery drain issue is to uninstall and reinstall the Podcasts app. Despite Apple’s lack of official support, users have reported the problem. If you can’t locate the app in the settings, you should try disabling the app altogether. This will fix the issue and prevent the device from being drained of battery. However, disabling podcasts won’t solve the issue for all users.

Resetting iPhone’s storage:

Resetting iPhone’s storage has been a solution for many people whose iPhones have been drained of battery power after the latest iOS update. The latest update reindexes Spotlight and other housekeeping tasks, which drain the battery more than ever. But this solution can only work if you have recently updated to iOS 14.6, or earlier. To try the solution, first make sure your iPhone is plugged into your computer.

To perform the reset, hold down the power and volume down buttons on your device. Hold the power button for a few seconds and then release them to restart the iPhone. A reboot will follow and you should see the Apple logo. If the problem persists, you can restore the iPhone to its default settings. The reset process will erase all settings, Wi-Fi passwords, and other data from your iPhone.

Delete widgets from the Home screen:

If you’ve ever been annoyed by your iPhone’s draining battery, deleting widgets from the Home screen is the solution. The battery drain is often the result of an ever-growing library of unneeded files, so it’s important to delete as many as possible to save battery life. Another solution is to restrict the number of home screen widgets. Simply long-press the widget to access the Remove Widget popup and remove it.

In iOS 14, home screen widgets come in different sizes, so deleting the ones that don’t need them is an easy and effective solution. Widgets are usually sized according to the amount of content they contain. Hence, if you’re trying to add a widget, you need to make sure that it fits on the screen. Moreover, you need to remember that it’s difficult to edit widgets if you’ve already added them.

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