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Is Facebook Down Today 2021?

ByJohn Amelia

Jun 20, 2022
Is Facebook Down Today 2021?

Several factors have led to the question, “Is Facebook down today?” For instance, the social networking site has several features. These include Messenger, Workplace, and Instagram. So, if Facebook is down today, the question should be “why?”


When Facebook went down today, it was a high-profile outage that put the company’s reputation, assets, and people at risk. Facebook was so concerned about the outage that its security team immediately dispatched a small team to its Santa Clara data centre, where it manually reset its servers. Some employees also reported that their digital badges stopped working, and security engineers reported that they were unable to access the server areas.

In addition to Facebook, other services from the company are also affected by the outage. Instagram, Messenger, and Oculus VR were also affected. Since these services share the same infrastructure, they are also unavailable in multiple regions. This is a rare occurrence, but users have been reporting an inability to access the service. As a result, the company has issued an apology to its users. This outage affects all Facebook applications.


If you haven’t checked in the last couple of hours, you may be wondering why Instagram is down today. Well, this problem has happened to Instagram users in many parts of the world, and it seems that it was a global issue, affecting all users. The outage occurred around 12:45 pm EST today, and it’s affecting the app for some users. To check if the outage is affecting your account, please follow these steps:

If the app is still unavailable, try restarting your device. Sometimes, users’ phones need to be updated in order to access the site. This is because newer versions of Android often fix bugs and problems. Moreover, restarting your phone may also fix the issue. To do this, hold the power button and restart your phone. If you’ve tried it and still can’t access Instagram, you can try restarting your device.


If you haven’t heard, Facebook was down for six hours today. The social media giant’s network went down around noon ET. The outage affected many apps at the same time, and the downtime was long and frustrating. Users who logged in to Facebook during the time were greeted with the 5xx Server Error message, which prevented them from connecting to the app prompt. The outage was also seen in other Facebook services, including Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

The company deemed the outage a “high-risk” incident, which posed a MODERATE risk to its assets and reputation. It dispatched a small team to its Santa Clara data centre to perform manual server resets. A number of workers described the outage as the equivalent of a “snow day.”


Many users have reported that Facebook Messenger is down today. Many have tweeted about the outage. The good news is that many users were able to use other platforms to communicate. While a majority of users prefer to chat while on the go, this outage is affecting many people. While the outage hasn’t been resolved as of yet, users are encouraged to report the problem to Facebook. The company has a reputation for resolving problems quickly.

The downtime is widespread, affecting users in different countries. Many people are experiencing the same problems as before: not being able to send or receive messages, and experiencing problems accessing the mobile application. Users who are still using Instagram have reported similar problems. About 23% of users report that the service is not working properly. Some people are experiencing server connection problems, while others are unable to see feeds, view videos, or reload apps.

Oculus VR

The Oculus VR outage is happening as we speak, meaning that Oculus users are unable to use the virtual reality headset. This outage is affecting many Facebook services, including the Oculus library and games. The company says that it is down due to “faulty configuration changes.” Facebook has confirmed that it is working to restore the services to normal, but users have not been able to use the Oculus since Christmas.

There are numerous reports that Facebook is down today, including Oculus users. In a blog post, Oculus said that “core services” were affected. The company is aware of the problems and working to resolve them, but there is no ETA for the restoration of the services. As a result, users cannot access the Facebook apps or play any of the games that have been installed on their devices.

Facebook Workplace

Facebook has taken the next step toward monetizing Workplace, its closed enterprise network that offers familiar tools for internal collaboration. The social network has grown from three million paid users in October last year to five million as of May this year. The workplace has features such as video chat rooms, groups, and connections to Portal home devices. The company is obviously happy with this growth, but now it’s removing free access for people who aren’t system administrators.

Staffers at the company reported problems with their work phones and resorted to other methods of communication, like Zoom and Discord chat rooms. In some cases, they were even locked out of their offices. Some people couldn’t log on to Facebook’s internal systems, which are run by shared infrastructure. The problem took a while to catch, and Facebook has received nearly 10 million reports of outages. But the social network stressed that no user data was compromised.

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