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Is Rihanna’s Forehead a Mythical Deity Or a Parking Lot For Smart Cars?

ByJohn Amelia

Aug 15, 2022
Is Rihanna’s Forehead a Mythical Deity Or a Parking Lot For Smart Cars?

In this article, we will examine whether Rihanna’s Forehead is a mythical deity or a parking lot for Smart cars. What makes it such an interesting place to park your Smart car? What’s its ecosystem, you ask? Well, it is a cloud system, and it has its own ecosystem. We’ll also talk about what it means for the Rihanna brand. Hopefully, you’ll agree that RiRi’s Forehead is quite the spectacle.

Rihanna’s forehead is a mythical deity:

During a hike, Rihanna’s forehead would cover the space of three open umbrellas. The mythical forehead has its own cloud system and ecosystem. If the forehead were a place, it would be large enough to park all of the Smart cars in a parking lot. The area would be so big, it would need its own area code. And to get all of the Young Money cum, Rihanna would have to drink a lot of water.

It is a parking lot for Smart cars:

The surface area of Rihanna’s forehead is the equivalent to three open umbrellas. Hence, the forehead of the diva is the perfect location to park Smart cars. In fact, it has been used as a parking lot by several car companies, including Smart and Volvo. The cost of parking a Smart car on Rihanna’s forehead is not much more than that of a few open umbrellas.

It has its own ecosystem:

Considering that Rihanna’s forehead is bigger than three or four open umbrellas, she could park three Smart cars on it! Imagine the wonders of Rihanna’s ecosystem. Not only does it contain its own cloud system, but it would also serve as its own weather forecast. Her forehead is even available for advertising – at a fraction of the cost of billboards or building sides.

It is a cloud system:

If Rihanna’s forehead were a cloud system, it would be the size of three or four open umbrellas. This cloud system would also serve as a weather forecast, a climate system, and an ecosystem all its own. In fact, the top of Rihanna’s head could be big enough to park three Smart cars! People often mistakenly think that Rihanna is spray painting her forehead. But she’s made it available for advertisement. This would be far more affordable than a billboard, and it would be a much bigger draw than a normal one.

It is a mythical creature:

According to some legends, Rihanna’s Forehead is a giant mythical creature, bigger than three or four heads. The forehead is so large that people mistakenly assume it is spray painted. It has its own area code, as well. It would cover an area larger than three or four open umbrellas, and could serve as a parking lot for Smart cars. Obviously, Rihanna’s Forehead would need an equally massive amount of Young Money cum to get by.

It is a docile creature:

Rihanna’s forehead is enormous, larger than three heads and smaller than five. It contains its own ecosystem, cloud system, and weather forecast, and is the equivalent of three open umbrellas. Apparently, it is also rented for advertisement. Unlike billboards and building sides, it is far cheaper to rent Rihanna’s forehead. And, if you’re curious about its nature, it’s actually a docile creature.

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