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Is SUP3R5 Legit?

ByJohn Amelia

Sep 9, 2022
Is SUP3R5 Legit?

Are you wondering if sup3r5 com is legit? The website claims to sell the Play station five and the dual sense controller. However, this site is seven days old, with a registration date of 30 December 2020. It seems like a scam, but we will look into the website’s legitimacy in this article. Despite the company’s claims, many people have already ordered one of these products.

sup3r5 com Reviews:

Sup3r5 com reviews are a great place to find gaming consoles that fit your needs. The developers of this site take a great deal of care to make sure that their products are as safe as possible for users to play with. Not only that, but they also have a wide selection to choose from and consider safety and quality factors. Whether you are looking for a PlayStation 4 or a Playstation 3 for your kids, Sup3r5 com reviews can help you make a good decision.

sup3r5 com website:

Is the SUP3R5 com website legit? This question primarily relates to the fact that this company does not offer a guarantee that the website is registered with the regulator. It does mention that it works hard to ensure consumer safety but this is a shallow level of trust. It also lacks any information about its webpage audits. It is too new to close. While many consumers have expressed their disappointment and displeasure with SUP3R5, it appears that it will be around for a while.

sup3r5 black PS5:

Are SUP3R5 black PlayStation 5 consoles legit? Many users have wondered this after reading about the limited-edition consoles in reddit. Although they look like the classic PS2 design, these consoles are far from original. They also feature a black PlayStation logo and colored Dual Shock buttons. While these limited-edition consoles were released last year, they immediately sold out. However, if you’d like a black PS5 but aren’t quite ready to shell out the money for it, you can still purchase one online.

sup3r5 Twitter account:

The SUP3R5 legit Twitter account has disappeared from the internet. While it may be a sham, the company has not yet given an official word when it will relaunch. The company has also ceased production on its PlayStation 5 console. In response to the preorder crisis, SUP3R5 is now shutting down its social media accounts. Their website now redirects to a default Squarespace page, which claims that their website has expired. According to VGC research, this means that the website will vanish sometime before January 31, 2021.

sup3r5 consoles:

There have been a lot of questions about whether SUP3R5 consoles are legit. The PlayStation 5 was released in November last year, but it has been difficult to find a copy in stock. This has caused retailers to secretly reupload listings without mentioning stock levels, shipping times, or sale dates. However, SUP3R5 is a company that specializes in custom black PS5 consoles. Its products come with special dualSense controllers and custom side panels.

DualSense controllers:

The Sup3r5 DualSense controllers have made their way to the PlayStation market, but there is still a big question mark over whether or not they are legit. While Sup3r5 originally claimed to sell PlayStation 5-inspired black PS5s and DualSense controllers as soon as January 2021, they have since pulled the plug on their website and Twitter accounts. While the company initially said they would sell 304 systems and 500 DualSense controllers during the early months of January 2021, they have since canceled their pre-orders.

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