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Jeff Bezos Takes Off on a Space Flight

ByJohn Amelia

Jun 23, 2022
Jeff Bezos Takes Off on a Space Flight

A die-hard Trekkie, Jeff Bezos has launched from the West Texas desert in his bid to make space accessible to the public. His launch set records for the youngest and oldest person to reach space, and it came just nine days after the first flight by Richard Branson. The back-to-back launches are indicative of a modern renaissance in space exploration, fueled by the commercial space industry.

Jeff Bezos’ $5.5 billion space flight

A space flight is no small feat, but this accomplishment could raise much-needed funds for underprivileged people. Bezos’ $5.5 billion space flight company has launched its first vehicle. Called the New Shepard, the vehicle is designed for short, suborbital trips that will provide four minutes of weightlessness. Jeff Bezos has said he plans to sell $1 billion in Amazon stock every year.

In 2000, Jeff Bezos founded Blue Origin, which he funds through his personal fortune. While the company is still in its infancy, the billionaire has been planning his trip for years. In a recent CNN interview, he responded to critics’ concerns about the price tag. The trip, estimated to cost $5.5 billion, is not a significant portion of his overall wealth.

Jeff Bezos’ brother Mark

In an online video, Jeff Bezos’ brother Mark is invited to join him on a space flight. It’s the first time anyone from a family with deep pockets has gone into space. The Blue Origin team has already made 15 test flights without people aboard, but this time they’re going to take humans to space. The team is hoping to fly six people to orbit Earth in a capsule and rocket combo. The passengers will experience weightlessness, view the Earth’s curvature, and even experience the sensation of zero gravity.

After graduating from Princeton, Jeff Bezos’ younger brother was interviewed at a leadership event by his brother. Both were dressed in leather shoes and tight dark polo shirts. Mark laughed and joked that he was his brother, but with a smaller bank account. Mark had a similar reaction. It was an interesting exchange of stories, and it was also an opportunity to learn more about the Bezos family.

Standby passenger Oliver Daemen

An 18-year-old physics student from the Netherlands is the latest standby passenger to join Jeff Bezos on a space flight. Oliver Daemen is the son of Joes Daemen, the CEO of the investment firm Somerset Capital Partners. His father, Joe, is 82 and runs a family business. Blue Origin did not disclose the exact price of Oliver’s seat.

The 18-year-old is a standby passenger on the Bezos space flight and will be joining Bezos in space on July 20. He was a winner in an auction earlier this year, and he is the youngest person to ever go to space. Daemen will fly with Bezos, his brother, and famed aviator Wally Funk.

Air pollution

The launch of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ private rocket, Blue Origin, blew up a storm of environmental claims, with a claim that Bezos’ trip was one of the worst for the environment. The launch of the rocket, which used liquid hydrogen and oxygen, caused about 300 tons of carbon to be emitted. Carbon is responsible for the global warming effect, and the company is now under scrutiny over the emissions.

While it is true that the Blue Origin rocket burns liquid hydrogen and oxygen, it is important to note that conventional rocket fuel is carbon-based. A recent Guardian article cited an air pollution researcher from the University of London who noted that most rockets release 200 to 300 tons of carbon dioxide during the launch process. Bezos, who supports environmental causes, could have used these funds to help the environment. This would have set a good example for fellow billionaires.

Jeff Bezos’ gratitude to Amazon customers

On Wednesday, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos flew on a space flight with his Blue Origin company’s rocket ship to the edge of space. The crew reached an altitude of 60 miles above Earth. The trip was a success, as Bezos remained unharmed. His team was joined by the oldest and youngest astronauts in history, Wally Funk and Oliver Daemen, respectively. Blue Origin is planning to launch two more New Shepard passenger flights this year.

But some lawmakers and Amazon employees aren’t happy with Bezos’ statement. Some criticized the businessman for forgetting the hardworking Americans who support him with their dollars. Senator Elizabeth Warren, for example, mentioned that the CEO had forgotten to thank the hardworking American people who make up his company. And she referred to changes in the tax code that he has refused to implement. But Amazon should be thankful for its loyal customers.

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