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Jeren Miles Is No Longer a Facebook Meta Manager

ByJohn Amelia

Jun 27, 2022
Jeren Miles Is No Longer a Facebook Meta Manager

Jeren Miles, a former manager of global community development at Meta, is no longer working for the social networking site. Miles was caught in an underage sex sting and quickly left the company. Miles is not the first executive to lose their job after an underage sex sting. In addition to the paedophilia scandal, Miles did not have a long history at Meta. But now he may find himself on the opposite side of the exit door.

Jeren Miles is no longer a manager of global community development at Meta

The reason why Jeren Miles is no longer a Facebook Meta manager has to do with an undercover sting operation conducted by PCI Predator Catchers Indianapolis. The group alleges that Miles sent a teen boy sexually explicit texts. The sting operation live-streamed its interview with Miles, which included a confrontation with the teenager.

A recent video of Miles’ alleged paedophilia has led to his abrupt departure from the company. Miles’ social media accounts were screenshotted by some publications. The videos reveal that he was allegedly in communication with a 15-year-old undercover officer. The video has gone viral, and Miles was quickly shown the door. A Facebook spokesperson said Miles was fired “without a second thought.”

He was caught in an underage sex sting

Jeren Miles, a manager of community development at Facebook’s Meta, was recently fired after he admitted to sending a 13-year-old boy sexually explicit texts. Activists with the group Predator Catchers Indianapolis conducted an amateur sting operation and captured Miles’ comments on the video. The sting revealed that Miles had exchanged inappropriate messages with the boy and planned to meet him in a hotel.

Miles was fired as Meta’s global community manager after he was caught in an amateur sting operation in Columbus, Ohio. The video was posted to the YouTube channel “Predator Catchers Indianapolis.” Miles was caught in a hotel room, and he agreed to give the YouTube channel an interview. The video showed two people interrogating Miles, and he eventually admitted to inappropriate communications with the boy.

He isn’t the first Facebook executive to be fired after an underage sex sting

Jeren Miles isn’t the first Facebook executive to lose his job over underage sex. The company’s former global community development manager was caught on video in an amateur sting operation. After the video went viral, Miles reportedly deleted his social media presence. A former employee of Meta, the company’s sister company, confirmed to Tech Crunch that Miles was no longer employed at the company.

Miles, a board member of an LGBTQ organization in California, admitted to sending sexually explicit text messages to a 13-year-old boy. The message was not explicit, but Miles had assumed the teenager was consenting. The video was posted on a website by Predator Catchers Indianapolis, a group that records underage sex stings. Miles later deleted his Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.

He hasn’t been a part of Meta for long

Zuckerberg’s rebranding of Meta is not an omen of an upcoming corporate reorganization or an easier job. In the same way that Larry Page rebranded himself as Alphabet and gave up day-to-day control of Google to Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Facebook, in 2015, he hasn’t been a part of Meta for long. Indeed, it is unlikely that the rebranding will reassure critics about Zuckerberg’s intentions, given the recent scandals.

The rebranding effort from Facebook has left some wondering if Zuckerberg has a “moment of clarity.” He has distanced himself from the slogan “move fast, break things” by saying that the company will “disassociate itself from the slogan for a while.” Yet, that’s the exact opposite of what Meta has been doing. It’s not clear how Zuckerberg plans to keep the company’s rebranding initiative in the open, but it is a welcome change.

He’ll be replaced by former U.K. politician Nick Clegg

The announcement of Clegg’s appointment came as a surprise to many, and not only because he had been a board member for more than three years. Former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg has been a key player at Meta for several years. In his new role, he will lead the company’s policy decisions. Clegg will now be on the same level as Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg.

While Clegg has a stellar track record as a lobbyist and MP in the UK, he also speaks five languages. And his experience as a former politician in the EU has earned him a reputation for being able to speak with the EU’s competition commissioner, Margrethe Vestager. In a rare move, Clegg was recently named the next Facebook meta community development director, following a search for a new CEO.

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