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Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories – Soul Eater Keyblade

ByJohn Amelia

Mar 26, 2022
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories – Soul Eater Keyblade

In Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, the Soul Eater returns as Riku’s main Keyblade. Unlike its previous appearance, the weapon can be strengthened as Riku levels up. In the first duel, Riku used the Soul Eater against Xion. However, in the final duel, he did not use it, instead, using his Oblivion Keyblade and the darkness of Ansem.

Is Soul Eater A Keyblade?

The Soul Eater Keyblade is a single-edged sword that appears in the Kingdom Hearts video game series. This blade weighs about 1.6Kg and is made of metal. The main design of the Soul Eater Keyblade is a bat-like wing, and its guard and blade have dark projections that imitate a skeletal shape. The sword also has a curved spine and a guard that has black outlines and a white wing.

What Is The Design Or Body Of The Blade To Riku’s?

The Soul Eater has a red and black handle with a blue eye in its handle. The blade is also adorned with a small dark blue eyeball. The keychain is made of plus-shaped material that connects the blade to Riku’s body. The Soul Eater’s symbol is located near the handle but lacks the lower curved portions. Its emblem is based on the Heartless, and it’s similar to the Heartless emblem.

A Replica of Riku’s Soul Eater Keyblade

  • This replica of Riku’s Soul Eater Keyblade is an excellent item to display in your home.
  • The sturdy wooden pieces are easy to hang on command strips and are extremely realistic.
  • The blade itself measures 31 inches long and features six obtuse projections, red-eye, and a semi-pointed knob.
  • Detailed engraved designs and engravings provide the player with a feeling of realism and authenticity.

A popular single-edged sword from the Kingdom Hearts video game series, the Soul Eater Keyblade is an iconic weapon with a large blade and impressive stature. Its length is 38 inches and its weight is 1.62 kg. The ‘Riku Sword’ has a 27-inch blade with demonic wing designs and dark projections on the guard. The ‘Riku’ version is the most powerful, but Riku also wields several of the other ‘Kings’ keys in the game.

What Is Riku’s Keyblade Called?

While the Soul Eater Keyblade is powerful, it isn’t as versatile as the one used by Sora. In the series, the two main characters are dominant over each other. The ‘Riku’ version, however, doesn’t have a powerful attack. The ‘Sora’ version is much stronger, and can be used to destroy the ‘Ra’ counterpart. The two characters are the only ones who can wield the ‘Riku’ keyblade.

The Soul Eater is a powerful weapon used by Riku in Kingdom Hearts. In Kingdom Hearts, Riku learns to summon a Soul Eater, which becomes more powerful the more darkness he encounters. It is also Riku’s primary weapon, and he uses it to take down Soldiers and Sora in Traverse Town. This weapon is also used by Vexen to create a replica of Riku, which is later used against Sora.

The Boomstick has unholy power and unholy speed. His skeleton like body allows him to regenerate from damage and use Hellfire to bypass conventional defenses. Unlike the other two, he uses a skeleton-like body to reincarnate. During the battle, he uses Chains and Penance Stare, which forces the victim to relive all of their past sins.

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