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Kingdom Hearts II Hades Cup Guide

ByJohn Amelia

Mar 29, 2022
Kingdom Hearts II Hades Cup Guide

It is difficult to get started with the Hades Cup. There are several boss encounters that are easy and can be completed within one hour. The most difficult battles are with the Rock Titan and the Ice Queen. The latter is especially challenging because it uses a variety of annoying attacks that you can avoid by jumping. Fortunately, you can attack it with almost any attack in the game. Read on to learn about how to beat these enemies.

Do You Have To Beat The Hades Cup?

The first match of the Hades Cup is easy enough, as Leon and Yuffie both use fire attacks. A fireball will stun them. As they attack, Hades will shout, “Feel the heat!” and shoot flames from his hands. While running, avoid getting close to the boss because he will keep attacking you from all directions. You can also prevent him from charging you by blocking his attack with a Blizzard or a lightning bolt.

When can you do Hades cup?

The Hades Cup is a time trial in Kingdom Hearts II. You must beat all 49 rounds in a single playthrough, with no checkpoints. You must fight the tenth boss in order to create a checkpoint and continue. In Kingdom Hearts II, the Hades Cup becomes mandatory for your character. To beat the Hades Cup, you must be at least level 40. It is a timed event that requires a high level of the player to succeed.

Once you’ve finished the Hades Cup, you can go on to fight the mechanical monstrosity. The best strategy is to use alternating magic and physical attacks. After defeating the monster, you can talk with Phil and complete the mystery challenge. You can also speak with Phil, who will give you a gold match with the enemy. The details of the mechanical monstrosity can be found in the chapter entitled “Olympus Coliseum (Revisited)”.

The Rock Titan is the toughest monster to fight in the Hades Cup. It is a big target, but you should be able to avoid it with a little bit of patience. It will give you a chance to learn about Blizzaga. You can jump on its shoulders to attack it. Once you’ve defeated it, you’ll unlock the secret ending. If you’ve completed the game and the Secret Movie, you will get a third art piece that shows up on the game.

What Level Should I Be For Pegasus Cup?

The Hades Paradox Cup is a 50-round marathon. It has no restrictions and multiple rules. The best strategy to beat the Hades Cup is to use Trinity Limit. If you have a single character, the Trinity limit is an excellent way to defeat him. The three-headed monsters will both be attacked, so try to keep an eye on them to keep your MP up. You can also use a Power Chain to increase your Strength.

You Can Choose Between The Two Types Of Bosses:

During the tournaments, you can choose to fight any of the enemies. . You’ll have to defeat the Behemoth. The Behemoth has a special ability called Behemoth. By interacting with it, you can kill the Behemoth and get the Blizzard upgrade. However, you need to use Ars Arcanum effectively, but you shouldn’t get your focus on the last boss.

The Behemoth is harder than Yuffie. Rather than trying to damage it, jump on its back and try to swing away at its horn. You can then attack it from below. If you are fighting the Behemoth, avoid its powerful laser. If you can, jump on its back when it’s preparing its Blizzard spell. This will prevent it from being able to cast the Behemoth’s Blizzard spell.

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