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Linear Dining Room Lights!

ByJohn Amelia

Oct 12, 2022
Linear Dining Room Lights!

The Etoile Linear Dining Room Light by Visual Comfort features a radiant row of lights with Natural Paper shades and a slim, elongated body. Founded in 1987 by Andy Singer, Visual Comfort uses natural materials and hand-applied finishes to create unique lighting pieces. This light fixture will create a serene and relaxing atmosphere in any dining area.

Etoile 8-Light:

The Etoile 8-Light linear dining-room light from Visual Comfort features a row of radiant lights with Natural Paper shades. This chandelier blends contemporary and classic styles with a sleek elongated body and a slim profile. Its design, inspired by the constellations of a clear night sky, casts a heavenly glow throughout a room. Visual Comfort was founded by Andy Singer in 1987.

The Etoile Linear Chandelier features an elongated metal frame adorned with beautiful paper shades. The Etoile Linear Chandelier also features sculpted starburst ornaments. It can accommodate up to eight 20-watt bulbs.

The Etoile 8-Light linear dining-room light is the perfect addition to a formal dining room or hallway. Its refracting glass lenses are designed to produce a soft multidimensional glow. This fixture is available in a variety of finishes. The Etoile 8-Light linear chandelier has a satin nickel finish.

Feiss Nodes:

A linear dining room light is a wonderful way to highlight your dining table in a stylish and contemporary way. The modern design of this lighting fixture is a combination of simple shapes and minimalist materials. It features a horizontal beam of Steel capped with a light source and perpendicular Steel arms. The light is diffused from a Milk Glass diffuser set against a Steel disk.

Generation Lighting:

If you have a dining room that you’d like to light up with a striking pendant light, you may be interested in a Generation Lighting linear dining room light. These lights have a linear design, drawing the eye towards your wall treatments, art, or other features in the room. In addition to being linear in design, these lights can also take turns to accent the other elements in the room.

You can use linear lighting in many areas of the house, including the dining room. You can place them directly over a rectangular table or between the counter and island to light a workspace. The light also provides ample illumination for eating and food prep. You can also install one of these lights on the wall to highlight a piece of wall art.

Tech Lighting:

The Viaggio Linear Suspension by Tech Lighting features a stylish black body and curved, white or smoke glass globes suspended in the air. The sleek and sophisticated design also includes a dimmable LED light guide technology. This linear dining room light is available as a wall sconce or flush mount.

Founded in 1987, Tech Lighting is a leading name in contemporary decorative lighting. With a diverse product range, they continue to push the boundaries of design. Their commitment to quality and originality has earned them recognition as a top architectural lighting brand. Their lighting fixtures are sure to accentuate any modern space.


The Heracleum linear dining room light by Moooi is a great way to add light to a dining room table. The Heracleum series is an ongoing line of lighting fixtures that are inspired by natural forms. The Heracleum III Linear is a 1.5-metre long light that can illuminate a kitchen island or dining table. Its internal components are impressive and its dramatic colour options are eye-catching. The Heracleum family is a result of the creative vision of Dutch industrial designer Bertjan Pot.

Heracleum III Linear has LEDs and a new driver for a more efficient light output. This light is also dimmable, and can work with Push and DALI dimming systems. With a full dimming range, you can adjust your light from bright to softer.

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