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Most visually pleasing movies on Popcornflix

ByJohn Amelia

Feb 24, 2022
Most visually pleasing movies on Popcornflix

The popcorn is the platform that provides people, the opportunity of watching a variety of movies and dramas. People can enjoy the bundle of entertainment programs on it. Some people prefer to look for those movies which are beautifully shot and the background is very beautiful. The following are the beautiful movies on popcornflix, which have got a lot of praise from the people because of being visually pleasing. Now, you are free to watch movies free online.

Only God forgives:

Watch free movies online. This movie surrounds a brother who takes revenge for the murder of his brother and then finally he manages to take access to the killer.


This movie is based on the life of a girl who does the job of the waitress. She leads a simple life and always tries to make people happy. And then the story reveals how she manages to find the love of her life.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

In this movie, the character Bilbo Baggins faces a lot of challenges during his journey to Takedown. And after that, the movie unfolds his ability to confront the dragon.


This movie tells about the different aspects of life. It is about beautiful cities and the plain areas of the world, where life is being spent differently. It throws light on the good side of humanity and also the dark aspect of human life. It makes people aware of all the colors of life.

Lemony snickets: A series of unfortunate events:

This movie is about the story of the children who start to live with their uncle after death if their father. But later on, they realize that their uncle is not sincere with them and he is only trying to gain money.

The Royal Tenenbaums:

This movie is about the reunion of three siblings when they gather together because of the bad health of their father. Siblings are quite successful in their personal life and the story unfolds the way of the reunion of the whole family.


This movie is about the prisoner who bears the punishment of the crime he did not commit for 7 years. After getting out of the prison, he defeats Dorothy Macha in the casino and then it tells about the confrontation between him and Macha.

Sin City:

This is about the struggle and fight of four people against the evil doings in the city of the basin, Washington. They get together while struggling to get out of their life issues and then they decide to fight the corruption and injustice together.

There will be blood:

This focuses on Daniel Plainview who wants to become the biggest oil tycoon of the area. He does not shy away to use his son and adopting illegal ways to get this position.

Tron: Legacy:

This story is about the challenges and difficulties of the virtual world, which are being faced by the father and his son. Father is a designer of the virtual world and son follows him there, because he wants to see his father.

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