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Amazon AWS Games Store Asana and More

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Jun 25, 2022
Amazon AWS Games Store Asana and More

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A power outage has affected several services provided by Amazon Web Services, including the Epic Games store and Asana. In addition, Amazon Web Services have previously affected major websites and users around the world. Staff from Amazon Flex also suffered from outages. The outage has yet to be fully resolved. For now, users can expect a few hours of downtime. AWS is an Amazon Web Services subsidiary that helps power major websites and applications.

Epic Games store

Several popular websites and services have been down today, including the Epic Games Store. The outage affected users of Slack, the collaboration platform, and Asana, as well as some users of Xbox Live and PSN. Slack has reported a problem with file uploads and message editing. Epic Games store users experienced issues with purchases and logins. DownDetector reported intermittent faults in logging in to the Epic Games store. Other affected sites include Flipboard, Grindr, Hulu, Life360, and SmartThings.

In addition to the Epic Games store, Amazon web services Slack and Imgur have also been affected by the outage. While most of the services are back up, users may experience intermittent issues as these services are restored. Affected users should check their services frequently to see if they’re back online. If you’re concerned about the downtime, it’s worth checking out the latest status updates.


AWS is currently experiencing outages that are affecting several services, including Slack, Imgur, and Epic Games Store. Slack and Asana have reported issues pertaining to message editing and file uploads. Other sites and applications affected include Flipboard and Grindr, online learning service Udemy, and streaming platform Hulu. Meanwhile, other companies, including SmartThings, Slack, and Honeywell, have reported problems with their services.

Epic Games Store, Slack, and Imgur have been affected by the outage, which began on December 22. Some users have reported that they’re unable to upload images. The work management software Asana has also been impacted. This is the third major outage to hit AWS in as many weeks. Earlier, issues affected Netflix, Disney Plus, and smart home devices. Hopefully, this outage will be short-lived and resolve the issue quickly.


Epic Games, the video game retailer owned by Amazon, and Slack are all reporting a major outage caused by the crash of a vital Amazon web service. In addition to Asana, the Epic Games store reported problems with logins and purchases. Other online services affected by the outage include Flipboard, online learning platform Udemy, dating service Grindr, streaming service Hulu, and IoT services Honeywell and Samsung SmartThings.

Slack and Imgur have also been affected by the outage, as are some customers. Epic Games store is down for some users, while Asana and Imgur are unavailable for everyone. Earlier this week, other major websites and users all around the world were affected. It was not clear whether the outage affected Amazon’s employees or only some users. In any event, the company is continuing its investigation and expects to post an update within 30 minutes.


There are problems affecting many services powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) today, including Slack, Epic Games Store, and Life360. Users reported issues with in-game purchases and logins. The service has experienced two outages this month, including one affecting Netflix and the other affecting Honeywell, Samsung, and SmartThings. Users should expect occasional outages before they can use their products again, so be patient.

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