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Amid Facebook Meta Head PR Leaves

ByAnswers Herald Editor

Jun 25, 2022
Amid Facebook Meta Head PR Leaves

Amid Facebook meta head PR leaves, Peter Thiel is stepping down as the company’s board chair. He had held this position since the infancy of the company. The announcement came in February, and Thiel is expected to spend more on conservative political candidates. The former Facebook founder is already a major donor to Blake Masters and J.D. Vance, both conservative candidates. Blake Masters was previously president of the Thiel foundation. The billionaire has already donated $3.5 million to Blake Masters’ campaign.

Sheryl Sandberg’s departure from Meta

The news of Sandberg’s departure from Facebook’s parent company and its metaverse service highlights the need for a new leadership team. The company’s revenue growth has stagnated in recent years, which is problematic for the new leadership team. Sandberg joined Facebook in 2008, when it was still a small company, and has helped transform it into one of the largest tech companies. Among the reasons for her departure are the company’s slow growth and its reliance on advertising. Sheryl Sandberg’s departure from the company’s parent company is an unceremonious confirmation that the company is in desperate need of a fresh face.

The company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, recently announced a bet on a metaverse that would be a “successor to mobile internet”. While she’s hardly an official executive, Sandberg has been taking most of Zuckerberg’s responsibilities. After all, she delayed response to a company crisis, and the CEO ended up taking matters into his own hands. Sandberg also did not agree with Zuckerberg’s policies on a number of fronts.

John Pinette’s departure

The news of John Pinette’s departure from Meta Facebook comes amid the “Facebook Papers” scandal and the company’s public relations issues. Facebook’s public behaviour has been a source of shame, and the resignation comes as a blow to its reputation. Pinette’s departure comes as the company faces intense scrutiny after the Frances Haugen leaks that uncovered internal documents about the company.

The company has lost several high-profile employees recently. Novi’s David Marcus left and Tomer Barel, who co-founded a crypto initiative, also departed. Andrea Schubert, the communications and PR head of augmented reality, left as well. Earlier reports suggested that Schubert is headed to Apple. The news of her departure prompted Bloomberg to speculate whether she will join the tech giant.

Frances Haugen’s departure

The announcement of Frances Haugen’s departure amid a wave of Facebook PR leaves has come amid questions about the ethics of the social network. Last week, she told a Senate panel that the incentives for employees aren’t aligned with their interests. Haugen paired her personal experiences with internal Facebook documents to make her case. But the social media giant has yet to respond to these accusations.

In the interview, Haugen also accused Facebook of hiding user data. She also suggested that a regulator should be set up to police social media sites, including Facebook. She also said that the social network had a frightening effect on many people. But Haugen left the company for other reasons, too. She plans to testify before Congress this week, which has the power to make a change.

Nick Clegg’s promotion to global affairs at Facebook

Following the resignation of Mark Zuckerberg as chief executive of Facebook, British Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has been promoted to global affairs at the company. Clegg has been with Facebook since 2018 and has worked on public relations. His new role is focused on regulatory issues, as the company is moving away from its founder’s hands-on role in policymaking. Clegg’s new role puts him on par with the company’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg.

The promotion to global affairs is a step up for the newly-promoted Clegg. In his expanded role, Clegg will be responsible for all aspects of Meta’s policies and operations. He will also be tasked with shaping the rules of the metaverse, which will guide the company’s future. In addition to policy decisions, Clegg will oversee Facebook’s growth in China and India.

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