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Cillian Murphy Wears IOLLA Peaky Blinders Glasses

ByJohn Amelia

Jul 19, 2022
Cillian Murphy Wears IOLLA Peaky Blinders Glasses

If you are a fan of the hit Scottish TV show, Peaky Blinders, you may want to purchase a set of these glasses. These glasses come in presentation boxes and will make a great gift for the show’s fans. They are 50 ml, and are a great way to celebrate the film’s success. These glasses are also available with free delivery. To find out more, click the button below.

The famous Glasgow-based brand IOLLA has teamed up with Cillian Murphy to create the glasses that he wears in the hit television show. The brand approached Murphy and the show’s costume designer to create a pair of glasses specifically for the character. The glasses were created to mimic the look of Tommy Shelby’s skull-broken head and engraved tips. The glasses are a central part of the character’s costume.

IOLLA collaborated with the BBC drama series to create glasses for the iconic character. The glasses feature a 40mm rimless frame with the Peaky Blinders logo. They feature one lens that is slightly magnified. Prices are dependent on the quality and quantity of the glasses. IOLLA offers free delivery and returns. IOLLA is a popular brand with many fans. It is a great way to commemorate an occasion.

Glasgow-based brand

You’ve probably seen the Peaky Blinders TV show, but did you know that the character Tommy Shelby wears IOLLA glasses? The Glasgow-based brand created custom-made glasses for Murphy’s character Tommy Shelby in season five of the show. IOLLA makes a variety of stylish glasses, from statement frames to petite sunglasses, with retro-inspired designs. The glasses are sold in their Glasgow showrooms, which include Finnieston and the city’s newest cultural hub, the famous George Square.

Fans of the Peaky Blinders series can now purchase IOLLA glasses. The retro-style frames are inspired by the show’s classic style, and the brand also makes sunglasses for fans of the series. The frames are petite and bold, bringing Peaky Blinders style to the streets of Glasgow. The IOLLA showrooms are a unique opportunity to check out the designs and to learn more about the company behind them.

Cillian Murphy

The glasses worn by Cillian Murphy in the hit BBC television drama Peaky Blinders have been created by Glasgow-based eyewear brand IOLLA. IOLLA is renowned for its retro-inspired eyewear and has a range of statement-making frames, including aviators and slender frames. The brand also has a showroom in Finnieston. The Glasgow-based brand was approached by the show’s costume designer, Alison McCosh, to design the glasses.

The actor grew up in the town of Ballintemple, County Cork, where his parents were teachers who didn’t like theatre. As a child, Murphy was troublesome and was later more introverted. He was subsequently a successful actor and eventually became a renowned screenwriter. In addition to his role as Frank, Murphy has also appeared in a number of acclaimed TV shows and films.

Tommy Shelby

Fans of the hit TV show Peaky Blinders will love this pair of glasses by Tommy Shelby. The glasses are presented in a branded box and would make an excellent gift for anyone who loves the show. With a capacity of 50ml, these glasses are perfect for parties and get-togethers. You can also get them for yourself as they are very affordable and can be shipped for free if you order them from the official website.

Fans of the show may be interested in knowing how Shelby wore his glasses. The character changed from wearing a flap cap to wearing a round-framed spectacle. Throughout the series, Shelby has changed his look to suit the character, ranging from slick to dapper. While the rest of the cast has kept a simple and sartorial style, Tommy Shelby embodies the sexiest side of the character.

Style changes

The glasses Tommy Shelby wears in the BBC drama Peaky Blinders have undergone a few style changes throughout the show’s five seasons. These bespoke frames are designed by Scottish eyewear company IOLLA, which has previously partnered with the show. The show continues on Wednesday nights at 9pm. To keep up with the show’s new look, here are some of the previous styles that Tommy Shelby wore during the show’s first four seasons.

This season marks the second change to the style of the series’ glasses. The first season introduced many of the series’ characters, but the most notable change to the glasses was Tommy Shelby’s transformation. After all, he was previously an outcast and had no interest in fashion. Fortunately, the show’s success has earned him a place among the most stylish people on television. The glasses, meanwhile, are a great accessory for the show, as they make the character stand out in a crowd of people.

If you are a fan of the hit television series Peaky Blinders, then you can now get your own pair of glasses. Each pair of Peaky Blinders glasses features a 40mm rimless frame with the show’s logo on it. They are equipped with one lens that has a slight magnification. The glasses come with a price tag of PS85. Depending on the quality of the product, you can purchase the glasses for yourself or as a gift for a friend.

The glasses that Tommy Shelby wears in the Peaky Blinders television show are bespoke designs by Glasgow eyewear brand IOLLA. During the fifth season, the actor wore glasses designed by IOLLA, which is renowned for its unique design process. You can check out IOLLA’s showrooms in Glasgow and Finnieston for more information. You can also buy the actual Peaky Blinders glasses from the website.

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