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How Far Is Houston From El Paso?

ByAnswers Herald Editor

Apr 8, 2022
How Far Is Houston From El Paso?

If you’re looking to take a road trip from El Paso to Houston, Texas, you’ll need to know how far it is. Driving nonstop from Houston to El Paso would take several days, so plan accordingly. However, you can also use a car rental tool to find a rental car for your trip. You can find out the distance between Houston and El Paso by looking up the city halfway between them.

How Far Is El Paso From Houston By Plane?

The shortest distance between El Paso and Houston is 674.2 miles. This distance is based on the Haversine formula, and the start and finish points are the cities’ centers. Actual travel time will vary, however, because the actual distance between airports is much greater. In addition, it takes a Boeing 737 airliner approximately 1 hour and 21 minutes to cover this distance. While this distance maybe a little longer than most people think, it is still worth the trip!

How Long Does It Take To Get From Houston To El Paso By Flying?

While flying from Houston to El Paso is a quick and easy trip, it’s not always a cheap option. Public planes are cheaper than private jets and helicopters. You can buy plane tickets at affordable prices from Houston’s most convenient airports. In addition to cheap plane tickets, you can also purchase luxury seats if your budget allows it. You can also inquire with people living in the city about the best ways to get to Houston.

There are many ways to travel between Houston and El Paso. By taking the US Highway 180, you can bypass the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and Flagstaff, Arizona, and head straight to El Paso. You can also take the Pete V. Domenici International Highway. A direct route between the two cities will take you less than an hour to cover. But make sure to check with your local bus system for directions.

Besides being close in distance, El Paso is home to a wide variety of cultural attractions. For example, you can visit the El Paso Museum of Art (located adjacent to the Plaza Theater) to see works by Southwestern artists like Tom Lea. Or you can visit the National Border Patrol Museum and El Paso Museum of Archeology, located on the same street. The Ysleta Mission, erected in 1786, is one of the oldest continuously-operating parishes in the State of Texas. Cathedral of Saint Patrick, built in 1916, is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of El Paso.

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