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How Many Cities and Towns Cover In The 267 Area Code 

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Dec 22, 2021
267 Area Code - Location map, time zone, and phone lookup

The 267 area code covers 39 cities and towns in Pennsylvania. Some of these cities include Ambler, Carversville, Churchville, Doylestown, Dublin, Flourtown, North Wales, and West Chester. The map below shows the coverage areas of each city and town in this area code. You can find the phone number of a business, residential, or government office using this area code. Here are the other cities and towns served by the 267 area codes.

How Can We Find The Area Code Of Any City Or An Area?

In addition to area codes for different countries, area codes can be found by using the country or city name. Generally, the area code assigned to a city is the same as the area code assigned to a city. Therefore, a county will have its own area code. If an area code is located in a large city, it will be given an area code starting with the city. For example, if an area code is assigned to a small town, it will be designated as an “Area code.”

Which City Covered By the 267 Area Code?

Philadelphia is the largest city covered by the 267 area code. Other major Pennsylvania cities include Bucks County, Lancaster, and Philadelphia. The 215 area code was launched on July 1, 1997, and absorbed the 445 area code by 2018. It was the last major change to the numbering plan. It is a ten-digit phone number that was added to the 215 area code. The new code will replace the two-digit numbering plan.

How Many Phone Numbers Covered By The 267 Area Code?

Area code 267 is part of the United States. It covers 430,439 phone numbers. The largest city in the area is Philadelphia with a population of 1,547,671. Intelius allows you to perform reverse phone lookup searches of these numbers and gives you the results. This report will include the name, carrier, age, and other pertinent information. The search results will show where the phone number originated from, as well as the owner’s past and current addresses.

The Numbering Plan Of The State Of Pennsylvania:

Area code 267 is part of the numbering plan of the state of Pennsylvania. This area code is assigned to telephones that are local to the area. It is part of a ten-digit phone number. It is used by callers to make calls in that region. The two area codes that surround area code 267 are 856 and 609. They are also home to numerous parks and theme festivals. There are many things to do in this region of Pennsylvania, but you should remember that it is still the most populous one.

Area Code Of Philadelphia Metropolitan Area:

The 267 area code is part of the Philadelphia metropolitan area. It covers 430,439 phone numbers. The largest city in this area is Philadelphia, with a population of 1,547,671. The most popular services in this area are those that provide results for reverse phone lookup searches. The results from an Intelius search will include the type of phone, carrier, age, and relatives of the owner. You can also perform searches for the number’s carrier.

When The 267 Area Code Was Assigned To The Pennsylvania:

The 267 area code serves the state of Pennsylvania. The area code was assigned on July 31, 1998, and went into service on January 1st, 1999. The two-digit area codes overlap, but they are separate from each other. The dialing pattern for the two-digit area codes is 10D. While dialing the area code of a country is not mandatory, it is still required in many areas of the US. There is a similar dialing pattern to area codes of other countries.

The 267 area code is located in the state of Pennsylvania. The area code includes 430,439 phone numbers. The largest city within this area is Philadelphia, with a population of 1,547,671. In order to find the owner of a phone number, you must have their name and address. This will ensure that the person you are calling has the information that you need. The report from Intelius will give you all of these details.

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