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How to Succeed in Chinese Salons

ByAnswers Herald Editor

Apr 25, 2022
A career in a Chinese salon requires stamina. While an American stylist might wash and cut one person's hair only once, a Chinese hairstylist will repeate

A career in a Chinese salon requires stamina. While an American stylist might wash and cut one person’s hair only once, a Chinese hairstylist will repeatedly wash and cut clients’ hair. The work is repetitive and time-consuming. Additionally, unlike American salons, customers do not tip; instead, they are given a punch card with their name on it to keep track of their bills. That means that a Chinese hairstylist will work for a lot of hours each day.

Investing in your staff

One way to ensure your success in the Chinese market is to invest in your staff. Whether they are Chinese nationals or not, your employees should be highly trained. If you want to grow your salon, you should consider training them in English and Mandarin. In addition to training them in English, you should also provide complementary hair care products for them. You can also create an online shop for your salon where you can sell these complimentary items. Investing in your staff in Chinese salons can yield great returns.

Training your beauticians

You can find a number of international beauty salon specialists in China who can provide the necessary training for your beauticians. Some of these specialists train stylists in different countries, while others choose to train their staff in Chinese salons. In either case, they will be able to provide your beauticians with the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in the business. For more information, contact these experts at the earliest opportunity.

Before you send your beauticians to China, it is important to know the different hair types. For instance, Chinese hair is generally black or reddish, with different textures than that of westerners. The type of colour, cut, and styling you choose for your clients should be adapted to suit the Chinese hair type. Moreover, you should also familiarise yourself with the various types of products and chemical treatments used in Chinese salons, so that you can offer the best services to your customers.

Investing in your business

When opening a Chinese salon, it is important to understand who your clients are and what their preferences are. This will help you choose the location of your salon and set up fixed costs. You can also invest in additional services, such as additional chairs, if you have enough capital. Just be sure to set aside a portion of your profits for insurance. Because salons are considered high-risk businesses, many banks are hesitant to invest in them. However, there are alternative sources of financing available.

Promoting your salon on Chinese salons

There are a few ways to promote your salon in the local media. Local newspapers love stories about local businesses. It is important to use this opportunity to create buzz about your business. You can also post pictures on Instagram and link to your online booking system. This will allow your Instagram followers to book their appointments straight from your salon. Keep in mind that Instagram only allows you to put one external link in your bio, so be creative.

In addition to social media, you should also consider creating an app. These apps are a great way to engage with customers, offer instant booking for appointments, and push notifications. They can be useful for reminding prospects as they walk by. You can even build an app with no technical skills. It’s a great way to promote your salon in the community, and you can even encourage your customers to download the app. Offer incentives to your customers to download your app and encourage prospects to do the same.

Getting a haircut in a Chinese salon

Getting a haircut in a Chinese hair salon is different from the average experience. First of all, don’t go in expecting an exact replica of your own hairstyle. Chinese hair is often reddish or black in color. The texture of their hair is different than westerners’, which can cause problems with chemical treatments and hairstyles. Because of this, it is important to know what kind of hair colour you’re getting. While many foreign salons have Chinese color technicians and stylists, not all of them have extensive training in cutting and coloring foreign hair.

Hairdressers in China are using long sticks and protective masks to cut hair. In Xianlin District in Nanjing, a foreign girl requested a basic trim, which ended up being shorter than the length of her ears. Another Australian male went to a hair salon in Shanghai, and he had the barber mistakenly cut off the’sacred’ remains of his hair. He was subjected to balding jokes from other customers after his spring trim.

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