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Terrain 365’s New Mini-Butterfly Balisong

ByJohn Amelia

May 21, 2022
Terrain 365’s New Mini-Butterfly Balisong

The Mini-Butterfly from Terrain 365 is a great example of a modern balisong with a unique design. This compact design is a collaboration with D Rocket Design, which brings together an M390 blade with titanium handles and a pocket clip and latch. This balisong is a stylish choice for everyday carry. It is lightweight and easy to carry. You can purchase one in either black or blue.

Mini-Butterfly Bohler M390

The Terrain 365 Mini-Butterfly Bohler is a pocketknife with a 2.125-inch drop-point-style blade. Made from chromium stainless steel, it is corrosion-resistant and remarkably resilient. Its thin construction allows it to be incredibly portable. Darriel Caston, of D Rocket Design, added some subtle jimping to the blade’s spine.

The Mini-Butterfly Bohler is available for $250 on the company’s website. Its name is a play on “Butterfly,” a famous song. The Mini-Butterfly is a perfect tool for beginners or people with limited experience. Its blade is made from stainless steel and is equipped with a titanium bolster. The Mini-Butterfly Bohler’s blade is marked with “M390” and the brand name of the company’s founder, Darriel Caston.

The Terrain 365 Mini-Butterfly is a compact version of the M390 and Bohler M390 blades. The titanium handles and pocket clip provide comfort and ease of use while hiking or backpacking. The titanium bolsters add extra strength and stability, while the steel frame is durable and wear-resistant. The knife weighs 1.6 oz.

Terravantium blade

The knife is a modern technical version of the classic Barlow design. It features a rustproof Terravantium(tm) clip point blade and a carbon fiber handle with titanium liners. It is also comfortable on the water and on land. For durability and edge retention, the knife features removable titanium liners. And it’s rustproof and non-magnetic.

The blade material used for the Terravantium 365 is a proprietary dendritic cobalt alloy. The alloy is 100% rust-proof and non-magnetic and requires no heat treatment. This material holds its edge for a much longer period of time than blade steel. Additionally, it is resistant to oxidation, corrosion, and staining, and is suitable for use underwater.

Like horsepower in cars, the blade material in the Terravantium 365 is very hard. Its cutting performance is unmatched. The patented material is called Terravantium. This metal combines a high amount of dendritic cobalt with titanium to produce a superior blade material. In addition, this metal also holds an edge for years without losing its sharpness. And, unlike most steels, the knife can be used without any sharpening.

Darriel Caston’s design

A collaboration with D Rocket Design created a new model of a Balisong, the Mini-Butterfly. This balisong features a titanium handle and blade, M390 stainless steel blade, and a pocket clip and latch. This blade is available direct from Terrain 365 next week. It is a compact yet highly functional model that will fit well in your hand.

The Terrain 365 Mini-Butterfly Bohler M390 is a miniature butterfly knife with a slim, lightweight titanium handle. It measures 4.875 inches overall and is made of high-quality Bohler M390 steel. It features ultra-light titanium handles and is designed by Darriel Caston, of D Rocket Design. This is an excellent travel and survival knife.

The Mini-Butterfly is another interesting creation from Terrain 365. This blade features a unique butterfly design and can be used for everyday tasks, like cutting. The Mini-Butterfly was designed by Patrick Ma and D Rocket Design’s Darriel Caston. The Mini-Butterfly has a jimping on the thumb ramp and features D Rocket Design branding.

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